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John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute

Neuroscience at United Hospital

Neurological disorders affect millions of Americans and their families and are on the rise. John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute is renowned for the comprehensive range of neuroscience centers and services for patients with disorders affecting the brain, spine and peripheral nervous system. The program encompasses an expert, multidisciplinary medical team and technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment options

Neuroscience integrates care by bringing together physicians, medical staff and services from throughout United Hospital to provide the most up-to-date diagnostic, medical, surgical and rehabilitation treatment services for patients with neurological diseases.

Specialized services

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Neuroscience technology at United Hospital

The diagnosis, treatment and management of neurological disorders has improved in the past few decades with advanced and innovative technology that allows physicians to more precisely pinpoint anatomy and function in the brain, spine and peripheral nervous system. These machines also allow for more precise localization during surgery, thus reducing side effects and damage to healthy tissue and improving outcomes for patients.

Advanced diagnostic and treatment tools at United Hospital include:


Neuroscience partners at United Hospital

United Hospital is fortunate to work with some of the top neuroscience experts in Minnesota. Together, with our neuroscience partners, we continue to raise the bar on neuroscience diagnosis, treatment, care and research.


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The John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute at United Hospital provides comprehensive, exceptional care for neurosurgical patients.

The multidisciplinary team includes neurosurgeons, neurointensivists, stroke neurologists, interventional radiologists and other medical professionals, working collaboratively to provide the best possible care for patients. Highly skilled and experienced nurses and technicians in the neuro-operating rooms, the Bentson Family Foundation Neurological Intensive Care Unit and neuroscience unit provide specialized care throughout a patient's hospital stay.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of:

Treatments include:

  • Neurovascular surgery
  • Extracranial bypass
  • Intracranial bypass
  • BP shunt
  • Subdural hematoma evacuation
  • Skull base tumor