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United Hospital


A female technician examines an image on the computer screen taken with the 3T MRI, which can be seen through the viewing windor

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A program of:

United Hospital’s 3T short bore MRI is one of only a few in the state and utilizes a high field superconducting magnet to provide superior anatomic and functional capabilities compared to the community standard 1.5T MRI.

The anatomic resolution obtained on the 3T system is especially useful in the evaluation of patients with seizure disorders in the search for subtle structural abnormalities. MRI exams also benefit from the increased resolution as smaller aneurysms and vascular malformations can be more confidently identified and clearly defined.

The 3T MRI scanner also allows for more rapid scanning in patients who are claustrophobic or have difficulty remaining still in the scanner, at times avoiding the need for sedation.

Cutting-edge technology available on the 3T system includes perfusion imaging, multivoxel spectroscopy and diffusion tensor imaging with white matter fiber tractography. These modalities, combined with the functionality available on the neuroscience MEG, provide state-of-the-art diagnostic information and surgical planning for brain tumor patients.

The 3T MRI is under the direction of St. Paul Radiology, a large subspecialized group of radiologists that includes 12 fellowship-trained neuroradiologists who provide expert interpretation of all neuro exams.