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Outpatient Services
Unity Hospital

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Driver Assessment and Training Services

For many of us, being able to drive means independence, mobility and a sense of control in our lives. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s unique Driver Assessment and Training service consists of both assessment and training.

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We work with Unity Hospital in Fridley, Minnesota, to promote good health habits and information about medical procedures and services.

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Prescription Assistance Program

Need help paying for prescription medicine? Ask your Allina Health provider to refer you to the Prescription Assistance Program.

STAR patient Marlene Miller

Cancer rehabilitation

This Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute site offers the STAR (Survivorship Training And Rehabilitation) Program® for cancer survivors. As you recover from cancer treatment, we can help restore function and improve your quality of life.


Cognitive Performance Testing (CPT)

CPT is appropriate for individuals who have a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment and/or dementia. Caregivers are encouraged to attend the session with the client and are included in the review of test results.

A woman receives lymphedema therapy.

Lymphedema Therapy

Causes of lymphedema include lymph node removal or damage related to cancer surgery or another medical problem, or congenital conditions. Read more about our lymphedema and edema management programs.

stroke rehab

Stroke Rehabilitation

Those who have limitations after a stroke find rehabilitation can help improve their function. With proper care you can regain skills and learn new ways to accomplish familiar tasks.

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Ross Kneen of Blaine received therapy at SKRI – Unity Hospital.

Prior to his stroke in in April 2011, Kneen was independent and active, but the effects of the stroke were devastating. He had little use of his right arm and leg, needing assistance to get out of bed, take even small steps, and do personal cares, such as bathing, dressing and grooming.

However, Kneen became known as a person of great determination even while he was in the inpatient rehabilitation unit at SKRI – Abbott Northwestern Hospital. He was able to return home by the end of May and begin outpatient therapy right away at SKRI – Unity Hospital.

Although he first arrived at therapy in a wheelchair, Kneen progressed quickly toward walking with a cane, according to his therapists, Kelly Costello, OTR/L, and Ashley Brausen, PT. He continued to progress and was soon able to dress and groom himself.

His progress was hampered when he was re-hospitalized several times due to cardiac and kidney problems; but despite these setbacks, he never gave up. He may have taken "one step back," but he proved he could take "several steps forward."

Among the challenges that Kneen faced and conquered were shoulder pain that required electrical stimulation, skin breakdown due to diabetes, and a multi-level home that required him to go up and down flights of stairs.

He accepted his situation and embraced his recovery process as a stroke survivor, rather than a stroke victim. He always remained positive, interacting with staff and other patients, developing meaningful relationships, and expressing his gratitude. He considered this unplanned journey as a learning experience and made the best of it.

Kneen set high expectations for himself and was driven to meet his own goals. His therapists said that he progressed from walking just 25 feet as he began therapy to being able to walk 1000 feet by the time of his discharge from outpatient therapy in December 2011.

He spent the winter months in Florida with his brother, enjoying the pool, riding a three-wheel bike and walking on the beach.

Kneen sets a good example of how determination and creativity can help a person adapt to his limitations. He continues to inspire as his friends and neighbors see him outside on his daily mile walk.