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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Forest Lake

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Forest Lake
1467 Lake Street South, Suite 300
Forest Lake, MN 55025

Please note: The Forest Lake locations of Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy and Courage Kenny Kids moved to the new address shown on this page as of noon, March 26, 2014.

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If your health care provider has referred you to us, please
call 612-262-7900
or 1-888-691-0045
to make your first appointment.

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Courage Kenny Kids

Courage Kenny Kids

Courage Kenny Kids is a specialized pediatric rehabilitation program dedicated to providing physical therapy, occupational therapy and / or speech therapy for children who have medical conditions or syndromes that may interfere with normal development.


Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute therapists can treat everything from spine injuries to knee injuries — or strained muscles when you've simply done too much. Using advanced rehabilitation techniques, our therapists can reduce your pain, teach you how to prevent injuries in the future, and get you back on track quickly and effectively.

More services at this location

STAR patient Marlene Miller

Cancer rehabilitation

This Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute site offers the STAR (Survivorship Training And Rehabilitation) Program® for cancer survivors. As you recover from cancer treatment, we can help restore function and improve your quality of life.

Pelvic pain and incontinence

Pelvic pain and incontinence

The physical therapists at Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy are specifically trained in providing hands-on specialized care for both women and men.

man and woman walking

Vestibular (balance) Therapy

Diagnosis of imbalance or dizziness provides the starting point for a specialized physical therapy program individually tailored to each patient's strengths and weaknesses.

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