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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

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Courage Kenny Spine Rehabilitation

Courage Kenny Spine Rehabilitation

Two of the most common health problems in adults are low back and neck pain.

Medical evidence has shown that the majority of low back and neck pain is caused by significantly "deconditioned" or weakened spinal muscles.

That's why the specialists at Courage Kenny Spine Rehabilitation not only treat pain, they can help you strengthen your spine to treat your current pain and prevent future low back and neck pain.

Courage Kenny Spine Rehabilitation offers a personalized, physician-directed approach to spine care.

Our program offers specialized, non-surgical treatment for patients with acute, sub-acute and chronic low-back and neck pain, with or without radicular symptoms, as well as treatment for post-op patients and those with occipital headaches.

Courage Kenny Spine Rehabilitation may help if you have:

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  • acute (severe, short-term) low back or neck pain
  • chronic (long-lasting, persistent) low back or neck pain
  • recurrent symptoms with periodic flare-ups of low back or neck pain
  • neck or low back pain associated with numbness or tingling involving your arms or legs
  • pain that has not been helped with standard pain treatments.