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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's Spinal Cord Program Continuity Clinic

Spinal Cord Program Continuity Clinic

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Associates works with patients and their families to decide the best follow-up plan and home program to meet continuing, life-long needs.

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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's Spinal Cord Program Continuity Clinic

Spinal Cord Program Continuity Clinic

The Continuity Clinic offers life-long care at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute for people with spinal cord injury/disease (SCI/D) and other associated diagnoses.

It consists of initial appointments following discharge from or referral to this facility that are designed to address impairment, activity limitations, participation and quality of life.

The clinic also offers a comprehensive annual therapy evaluation day and a subsequent comprehensive annual exam by a physiatrist to deal with routine and emergent issues related to SCI/D.


The Continuity Clinic's goal is to be proactive before potential complications arise. Proactive intervention on general health, neuromuscular status, bowel and bladder management, skin issues, wheelchair positioning, musculoskeletal status and safety help achieve optimal health and well-being for people with SCI/D.

The process involves a trans-disciplinary approach to long-term health needs, with input from physical therapists, occupational therapists, therapeutic recreation specialists, psychologists, social workers, and other clinical staff as needed.

Findings and recommendations are shared with patients and their physicians, caregivers or other relevant stakeholders.


Participation in the Continuity Clinic is voluntary, but is highly recommended to facilitate the best possible outcomes.

Patients who choose to take part in the Continuity Clinic will receive an annual reminder letter approximately three months prior to when they are due for their annual comprehensive exams. The letter will include instructions for scheduling, as well as orders for any required laboratory testing or imaging that should be completed before the annual visit.

A nurse coordinator is dedicated to helping SCI/D patients manage their care and is available to answer any patient questions or provide assistance with pre-visit planning.

A therapy evaluation day is typically performed about one to two weeks prior to the visit with the doctor. This visit takes approximately six hours. During that time, the patient will meet with a physical therapist, occupational therapist, therapeutic recreation specialist, social worker and psychologist.

The following list covers many of the topics addressed by the highly trained therapy team at the Continuity Clinic evaluation visit:

  • medical condition and AIS impairment testing
  • recommended therapy needs based on examination
  • community living status
  • durable medical equipment or adaptive device needs
  • functional status
  • life-long care plans
  • psychosocial needs
  • vocational status.

Patients will meet with their physiatrist for a final comprehensive medical exam and discussion of:

  • results of the diagnostic lab and imaging tests
  • results of the therapy evaluations
  • prescriptions, if applicable
  • pain management, if applicable
  • orders or referrals for additional services as needed.

At the conclusion of the doctor visit, the patient will meet with the nurse coordinator for a brief educational session to discuss disaster preparedness for people with disabilities, aging with disabilities, and any other topics requested by the doctor or the patient.