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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute


A doctor's referral is required to participate in the EMG program.

For more information, call 612-863-7642.

Electromyography (EMG) biofeedback

Muscle re-education with EMG biofeedback

As part of the Advanced Rehabilitative Technologies (ART) program, therapists use a computer-based electromyography (EMG) biofeedback system.

Electrical impulses from muscle contractions are read by the computer to allow the user to interact with the computer game.

Essentially, the user's muscle contraction is the mouse or joystick to control the cursor and play the game. This system adds an element of fun to rehab, while helping patients advance towards goals in therapy.

The innovative feedback system is suitable for individuals who have impaired muscle strength or coordination due to conditions such as stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury (some preservation of movement below the level of injury), traumatic brain injury, orthopaedic surgery, sprains, muscle imbalances and overuse syndromes.

The goal of using the system is the re-education of targeted muscles. It can be used to strengthen muscles, decrease high tone and limit unwanted co-contractions.

There are basic skills required of people using the system. Users need to have at least a small amount of voluntary control in targeted muscles to use the biofeedback system.

Barriers to using the system include impaired cognitive awareness, decreased attention or visual impairments.

Individuals on the inpatient rehab unit as well as outpatients use the system. If you are interested in using EMG biofeedback as an outpatient you will need a doctor's order for occupational or physical therapy. If you have questions or need more information, call 612-863-7642.