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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Courage Kenny Kids - Coon Rapids

Courage Kenny Kids

We are part of a specialized pediatric program of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

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Patient story

Hanna Maslowski - Patient of the Year

Hanna Maslowski

Hanna Maslowski, the recipient of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's highest Inspiration Award, has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She overcame shyness to enter pageants and start the Pageant of Hope. The program gives confidence to girls with special needs.

At-home ideas for families

Our Pinterest board is a resource for parents looking for ways to continue working with their children at home. Check it out at

Courage Kenny Kids – Coon Rapids

This Courage Kenny Kids clinic is an expansive space of indoor and outdoor fun for children participating in physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Outdoor playground

Courage Kenny Kids' clinic in Coon Rapids

The clinic has an onsite outdoor playground with specialized spongy rubber coating for children of all abilities to access without difficulties, while remaining protected during their play. Children are found "working" on the playground while they practice using their walkers, wheelchairs and adapted bikes during their rehabilitation.

They enjoy outdoor fun on slides, climbing equipment, arm bike, paint easels, water play, speaking tubes, toddler movement equipment and an inlaid path for biking, walking, running and wheeling.

Indoor gym

Courage Kenny Kids' clinic in Coon Rapids

The clinic also includes an indoor gym space, with room for a variety of swings and a suspended climbing ladder. However, the highlight for many children is to ride the "zip" line and fall into the "pit," a cloud of cushions. Children participate in all these activities, while working to improve strength, coordination, verbal language and cognitive skills and more.

Physical therapists provide play opportunities for children in the gym working on mobility, strength and endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Virtual reality room

Courage Kenny Kids' clinic in Coon Rapids

The fun doesn't stop here. Move into the virtual reality room, and you'll see children swimming, playing soccer, volleyball, snowboarding and more on the state of the art virtual reality system.

Here children are participating in their own video game in front of a large green screen. Like a weatherman, they watch their bodies on screen participating in many different activities. To add challenges, therapists provide hand or ankle weights, a balance pad to stand on or a therapy ball to sit on.

Therapy kitchen

Down the hall from the virtual reality room, children have an opportunity to work on feeding, swallowing and simple home skills in the therapy kitchen. Parents have an opportunity to observe their children learning new skills through the viewing window, if they choose not to be present during the treatment session. The kitchen is a valuable tool when occupational therapists and speech language pathologists complete feeding evaluations on children that are experiencing difficulty with eating or swallowing.

Evaluation and treatment rooms

The clinic also includes private evaluation rooms, as well as speech and occupational therapy treatment rooms.

In speech, you will find computer games, augmentative communication devices, books, games and toys, along with private treatment rooms for children to explore language and communication opportunities.

In occupational therapy, children have the opportunity to engage in play activities with other children at the craft table, or work with their therapist in the treatment booths. Children can dress up, play games, make crafts and play with developmentally appropriate toys targeted to their individual needs.

Courage Kenny Kids summer 2013 classes

For information about classes, call

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Courage Kenny Kids classes

Classes are carefully planned for each child to learn to take direction and interact with peers in a group setting. Children participating in groups should be able to follow simple directions and participate in a medium-sized group without 1:1 assistance.

Each class lists the functioning age level appropriate for that class. If you are unsure of your child's abilities, or if you have special concerns regarding your child, please call us at 763-236-7337 before registering.

We reserve the right to change your child to another group to best meet the needs of your child.


  • A parent or guardian must be present the first day of each class for orientation.
  • Only the enrolled child is allowed in the classroom. Each class will have a time designated for parent observation and/or instruction in home program activities.
  • To receive the most benefit children should attend each class.
  • Each class builds on skills learned in previous classes.
  • There are no make-up classes. However, any missed class information or materials will be provided.

Class instructors

All of our classes are taught by Courage Kenny Kids therapists who specialize in pediatric rehabilitation. They are licensed occupational, physical and speech-language therapists experienced in pediatric rehabilitation.

Private-pay groups, such as the classes offered by Courage Kenny Kids, are a great health care alternative if insurance coverage limits rehabilitation benefits.

Courage Kenny Kids - Coon Rapids staff

Deborah Baumgarten, MA, CCC-SLP

Sara E. Carroll, MA, CCC-SLP

Jessica Jacklitch, PT

Carrie Johnson, physical therapist

Darla Johnson, OTR/L

Barbara Katzenstein, physical therapist

Sarah Leathers, physical therapist

Lisa Luke, OTR/L

Mary Lundt, MS, CCC-SLP

Katie Moland, MA, CCC-SLP

Kelsie Nebelsick, PT

Michaela Pelz, OTR/L

Lisa Rickert, MS, CCC-SLP

Sara Rohde, OTR/L, manager

Krista Simmons, MS, CCC-SLP

Anna Smith, OTR/L

Erin Vesey, PT

Connier Zeller, MS, CCC-SLP

Hanna Maslowski: Patient of the Year

Hanna Maslowski

Hanna Maslowski inspired our staff so much, she earned the 2012 Patient of the Year Award.

Hanna Maslowski, who has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, is the recipient of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's highest Inspiration Award – the 2012 Patient of the Year Award. She has been receiving therapy for several years at Kenny Kids – Coon Rapids.

Her therapist, Sarah Leathers, PT, first met Hanna when she was 10 years old, following surgery to have her intrathecal baclofen pump replaced for the third time.

"In the time that I have known her, she has also had surgery on her ankles, heel cord and hamstring releases, has received Botox and phenol injections to help decrease her tone, and has had seizures that have resulted in decreased function for weeks to months at a time.

"Just when it seemed she was making progress toward a goal with walking, it seemed something would go wrong -- from skin breakdown or a loose pin in her ankle, to a broken ITB pump or a seizure."

Despite being shy, Maslowski entered the Miss You Can Do It Pageant at age 12 and went on to compete in national competition in Texas.

Read the rest of Hanna's story.

Scott Benz: Determination well beyond his years

Scott Benz receives 2011 Inspiration Award

Scott Benz received his 2011 Inspiration Award from his Courage Kenny Kids therapy team: (left to right) Darla Johnson, Sarah Leathers, Sara Rohde and Barb Katzenstein.

Imagine being only 14 years old and suffering four ischemic strokes! That's what happened to Scott Benz in 2010.

The strokes occurred during a five-month period of time, until a Microplex coil was inserted into his vertebral artery to prevent further episodes.

But each time, as he was on the verge of full recovery, he suffered another stroke, each one more debilitating.

Because of left hemiplegia, he had to relearn how to walk independently and how to write and perform functions with his non-dominant hand.

All of this, he accomplished with grace and an amazing attitude, according to his physical therapist, Barbara Katzenstein, PT, Courage Kenny Kids.

Read the rest of Scott's story.