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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

CycleSMART therapist measures a how well a cyclist fits on his bike.

Jeff Gorzek, PT, DPT, takes a detailed measurement of joint angles to determine how well the rider is positioned on his bike.

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Bike fitting locations

Bike fittings are available at these Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy locations:

Injury treatment locations

Cyclists can be treated at these Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy locations:


A program for beginning to advanced cycling enthusiasts, CycleSMART helps all cyclists ride more efficiently and comfortably.

"I went out for my longest ride of the year, and I was completely pain-free.

Your adjustments to the bike, and to my riding posture, were really helpful. Thanks for the great work!"

Email from Chuck to his CycleSMART therapist

The "SMART" in our name means "Skilled Movement And Rehabilitation Team." It refers to our physical therapists with special training in preventing and treating cycling-related injuries.

Musculoskeletal evaluation

The therapist performs a complete musculoskeletal evaluation to identify any possible biomechanical issues that may cause pain while cycling.

Posture and body mechanics, on and off the bike, can play a significant role in cycling position and risk for potential overuse injuries.

Cycling overuse injuries

CycleSMART is designed to prevent and rehabilitate overuse injuries associated with cycling.

Cycling overuse injuries like these are often caused by improper position of the cyclist on the bike:

  • back pain
  • foot pain and numbness.
  • neck pain
  • hand pain and numbness
  • iliotibial band friction syndrome (runner's knee), patellar tendon pain or kinds of anterior knee pain ?
  • patellofemoral pain syndrome ?
  • shoulder pain

Bike fittings

Proper fit on the bike is essential to riding more comfortably and efficiently on the bike, resulting in fewer aches and pains.

A physical therapist specially trained in performing bike fits performs the CycleSMART evaluation, beginning with a detailed cycling history, training regime and current complaints on and off the bike.

The therapist also:

  • assesses the cyclist's position in the bike saddle
  • assesses and adjusts cleat/pedal position
  • adjusts saddle position to optimize cyclist's position over the pedals
  • adjusts handlebar position.

These adjustments are important to optimize the position of the cyclist to properly balance the weight distribution between the saddle and handle bars to reduce pain and to maximize the efficiency of the work done by the legs in the pedal cycle.

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atellofemoral pain syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome, also called PFPS, is a condition marked by pain under or around the patella (kneecap). The pain usually occurs or worsens with activity or after sitting for a long time.

Learn more about PFPS in our health library.

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Anterior knee pain

Anterior knee pain is pain that occurs at the front and center of the knee. It is common in bicyclists.

Learn more about anterior knee pain in our health library.

Helping athletes recover

Melissa's story

After she broke her leg during a practice last spring, Melissa Borman — aka Battlegirl Skatetastica — didn't know if her roller derby days were over.

Referral and payment

Therapy services are typically billed to your insurance. Please contact your insurance company regarding your therapy benefit and obtain a medical referral if required by your insurance plan.

Retail services for bike fitting are not billable to your insurance. Payment for these services is collected in full at the time of the visit:

  • musculoskeletal evaluation
  • video analysis
  • education on appropriate exercises to improve the cyclist's position.

Initial appointment

The initial appointment is a 90-minute, one-to-one session with a physical therapist, trained in treatment of cyclists.
Cost: $200