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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

hand mentor robot

A doctor's referral is required to participate in the hand mentor robot program.

For more information, call 612-863-7642.

Hand mentor robot

State-of-the-art technology for hand therapy

About the hand mentor robot

The hand mentor robot is used for intensive rehabilitation for patients recovering from stroke or brain injury who need rehabilitation to help restore range of motion and strengthen muscles of their wrist and fingers.

The hand mentor actively involves the patient in their rehabilitation by encouraging self-initiated motion in the wrist and fingers, and assisting movement only when necessary.

How it works

The hand mentor sits on a desktop, along with a computer monitor. The patient's hand fits into a comfortable cradle that senses the level of resistance caused by flexor spasticity.

The interactive display engages patients and allows them to work on exercises to help them restore range of motion to their hand and wrist.

Who may benefit

Patients appropriate for hand mentor therapy include those who:

  • have a physician's order
  • have sufficient cognitive and language ability to understand and follow instructions
  • have stroke-related impairments in muscle strength of the affected fingers and wrist.

Source: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Reviewed by: Matt White, OTR/L, instructor scientist
First Published: 03/22/2011
Last Reviewed: 03/01/2011