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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's Outpatient Services

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's Outpatient Services


A doctor's referral is needed to make a first appointment.

Call 612-262-7979
or 1-888-519-0014.

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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's outpatient services includes a full spectrum of rehabilitation services to improve individuals' quality of life and help them achieve their personal best.

Evidence-based treatments are designed to enhance the function and independence of every patient served. Therapists treat individuals with impairments or limitations due to the following conditions:

Comprehensive, coordinated care

An outpatient treatment plan may include multiple therapiesis and is continuously monitored and updated, ensuring patients receive an integrated and individualized treatment approach.

Therapies may include:

  • occupational therapy for improving daily living skills and cognitive abilities
  • physical therapy to improve skills such as walking, joint movement, muscle development, transfers and balance
  • speech-language pathology to improve communication, eating, swallowing and cognitive abilities
  • lymphedema therapy to reduce swelling and scar tissue and improve range of motion and strength in arms or legs
  • psychology services to help patients and families cope with emotional, behavioral and intellectual changes following an injury or illness and address plans for the future.

Support groups

Support groups offer patients and families an opportunity to meet others dealing with a similar condition.

Socializing and exchanging information and resources helps with the challenges ahead. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's support groups offer ongoing education and informative speakers for: