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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Plan

The Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (SKRI) goals for 2012 are listed below.

SKRI consists of Acute Rehabilitation, Inpatient Rehabilitation, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation (CORe),  Sister Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy Centers (SKSPTC), Kenny Rehabilitation Associates (KRA), research, and philanthropy.


  1. Achieve <12% readmit rate to acute w/in 30 days after discharge from rehab unit (measurement challenge).
  2. Increase admissions from external sources by 100.
  3. Achieve >74th percentile on discharge to community.
  4. Achieve >59th percentile in FIM change per stay.
  5. Complete assessments within 24 hours of when order says patient should be seen. Goal - 59%. (AATP).
  6. Implement a care navigation system (based on the Allina model) that is well-defined with expectations and implications understood by all team members.
  7. Lives touched by care coordination - all SKRI admissions (W2300+8940), 200-250 cancer rehabilitation pts + 200-250 CORe patients.

Patient experience

  1. Achieve 79.65% top box score on "PT gave good explanation of my therapy."
  2. Achieve 82.73% top box score on "would recommend."
  3. Achieve >AMC median top box score on patient overall satisfaction.

Community engagement

  1. More than 50 contacts/presentations in communities where SKRI is present.
  2. Develop an SKRI organizational strategy for the effective use of social media to engage our community.
  3. Launch FASST in Northwest AMC.
  5. Report to constituent hospitals regarding accessibility of their health care facilities.


  1. Develop a career ladder.
  2. Achieve employee engagement 84% rollup.

Financial health

  1. SKRI overall operating margin > $10,500,000.
  2. Achieve $400,000 philanthropy revenue.
  4. Achieve extramural grants > $1 million.


  1. Add one non-owned affiliate.