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Healthy weight

You can make healthful choices for a healthy weight

More than ever, Americans are struggling to make healthful choices and maintain a healthy weight.

At Allina Health, we offer a number of programs and services to help you and your family.

From prevention programs for children and classes for weight management, to weight loss surgery for those who are severely obese, we can help.

Here are some of our featured programs:

Power by the Hour

Health Powered Kids
This nutrition education and fitness program for elementary students is in many schools and community programs. Online lessons for families to use at home include making healthy food choices and fun fitness ideas for the whole family.

A scale

Take Action Weight Management
Want to lose weight and keep it off? Learn the skills you need to develop healthy lifestyle habits and improve your fitness level through this 12-week program.

Man rides bike after weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery
More than 10,000 people throughout the Twin Cities and Minnesota have achieved long-term weight loss, and started a new, healthier chapter of life with weight loss surgery at an Allina Bariatric Center.

Heart of New Ulm Project
The Heart of New Ulm Project is a 10-year initiative designed to reduce, and eventually eliminate, heart attacks in New Ulm, Minnesota.