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River Falls Area Hospital

Community health

Physical activity

Physical activity is important for everyone. When you are physically active, your overall health and fitness improves and you reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

The amount of physical activity you need every day depends on your age, gender, height, weight and other factors.

Wellness and fitness centers
Recreational activities

Stress management

Stress is your body's fight-or-flight response. You may feel energy surge through your body if you are in an emergency, or if you are worried or anxious about something.

Stress can be found at home, work, school or in traffic. A situation you find threatening may trigger stress.

Chiropractic care
Massage therapy
Mindfulness training

Grocery and nutrition

Meat, poultry and fish

  • Gehl's Buffalo Hill Ranch
    Hours: Meat shop open daily. Please call ahead.
    7573 730th Street, River Falls, WI 54022
  • Grassroots Meat
    Hours: Please call to place your order.
    1669 East County Road M, River Falls, WI 54022
  • Pure.Sun.Farm
    Hours: Please call for an appointment.
    524 County Road MM, River Falls, WI 54022

Community supported agriculture (CSAs)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for you to buy fresh, local foods directly from farmers.

CSAs usually have an 18-week season but this can vary from year-to-year.

Farmers markets, growers and

A farmers market is an event for farmers to sell their products directly to you. Farmers markets often take place outdoors in public places such as parking lots or parks.

Some farmers open up their field for you to pick up your own fruits and vegetables. Common produce for u-picks include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or pumpkins.

Farmers markets

Community gardens

A community garden is a shared space where members of your community can get together to plant and grow fruits, vegetables and flowers. The gardens can be in big cities, small towns or rural communities.

Community gardens