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Welcome to Allina Sponsored Projects Administration


Allina Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is responsible for Allina's Research Billing Compliance Program and the financial management of government grants and other sponsored project funds awarded to Allina.

The Research Billing Compliance Program includes correct billing to third-party payers for research items and services, obtaining facility approval and ensuring written agreements are in place for research projects conducted within Allina facilities.

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The Allina Institutional Review Board has announced its intention to allow external IRB review of projects within Allina. You are still required to submit qualifying projects to SPA using eProtocol. To determine if your project requires SPA review, click on the link "Does My Project require SPA Review?".

We recently updated the directions on this webpage for submitting a project in eProtocol. For projects involving an external IRB, use the link "How to Create SPA Form" under the “eProtocol Guidance” section at the bottom of this page. This contains step-by-step instructions for submitting a research project to the SPA. This link also contains a list of the required documents that should be uploaded in eProtocol under the “Attachments” tab.

Sponsored Projects Review and Research Billing Guide

Table of Contents
l. Research Billing Guidance
ll. Sponsored Projects Review Process (SPRP)
lll. Scheduling, Registration, and Billing
Appendix: Instructions for the Schedule of Events
Policy 101: Research Billing Compliance Program Statement
Policy 300: Requirement for Complying Program Statement
Policy 301: Written Agreements and Contracts for Research
Policy 303: Research Site Responsibility for Identification of Non-Billable Items and Services

Video (25 min) - Sponsored Projects Guide Overview (To skip Introduction:Begin video at 2:30min)

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