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Technology advances in rehabilitation

A physician's order is necessary for evaluation and treatment. For more information, call 612-863-4837.

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Minneapolis Neuroscience Institute

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is dramatically changing the way rehabilitation services are delivered.

Over the past decade the Institute has developed several innovative therapies that rely on state-of-the-art technologies. These unique services are offering fresh hope to patients and helping to challenge the old models of rehabilitation.

The Institute uses robotics and virtual reality systems to help patients strengthen muscles, restore the ability to walk, improve balance and increase flexibility. Using advanced technology to enhance rehabilitation can reduce care costs, shorten hospital stays and help people return to their daily routines faster.

By studying how patients use the equipment and how quickly they improve, doctors and therapists are learning more about the resiliency of the nervous system and the restorative potential every patient has.

Advanced rehabilitation technologies currently available at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute – Abbott Northwestern:

  • The Hand Mentor Robot helps patients recovering from stroke or brain injury strengthen hand and wrist muscles and restore range of motion. Rehabilitation following hand surgery is also provided.
  • Interactive rehabilitation using Nintendo® Wii helps improve strength, endurance and balance. Patients experience a virtual environment where they can catch or kick balls, duck to escape danger, or move to avoid an obstacle.
  • The Lokomat® treadmill is a robot-assisted device that supports patients in an upright position and moves their legs in a normal walking pattern – even if they are unable to move on their own.
  • The InMotion 2 Robot provides intensive therapy for patients recovering from stroke or brain injury who have limited strength or range of motion in their shoulders, arms and hands.