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Rehabilitation services: Spinal cord

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Therapist works with patient who had a spinal cord injury

Spinal Cord System of Care Continuity Clinic

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Associates works with patients and their families to decide the best follow-up plan and home program to meet continuing, life-long needs.

Contact information

For a referral or more about Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's spinal cord system of care, call 612-863-4457.

For a referral or more about outpatient spinal cord injury treatment, contact Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Associates at 612-863-8947.

To speak with the spinal cord doctor, call the spinal cord follow-up clinic at 612-863-4495.

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Spinal cord injury and disorders

Your spinal cord sends the messages to and from your brain and body that make it possible for you to feel and move.

Patients who sustain a spinal cord injury can experience a wide range of problems. They may have loss of feeling, paralysis, breathing problems, and difficulty controlling their bowels and bladders. The physical and emotional challenges of the illness may seem insurmountable.

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Spinal cord injury

The spinal cord contains the nerves that carry messages between your brain and body.

Learn more about spinal cord injury in our health encyclopedia.

With comprehensive rehabilitation, education and support, patients and their families can learn how to cope with the complex difficulties they face after a spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Acute inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Outpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Walking again after 25 years

After Doreen Harrington's doctors told her she'd never walk again, she learned to learned to get along in a wheelchair and raised three children. When she began physical therapy for shoulder problems, something else grabbed the attention of her physical therapist.

Source: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Reviewed by: Jennifer Theis, MSOTR/C, program coordinator, Courage Kenny Spinal Cord System of Care
First Published: 03/22/2011
Last Reviewed: 03/03/2011