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For additional information or to indicate your interest to participate, contact
Beth Millage, DPT or
Erin Vesey, DPT at

Impact of LSVT® BIG on Patients at Stage 1 of Parkinson's Disease: A Pilot Study

You are invited to participate in a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of an exercise program called "LSVT BIG," as well as adherence to exercise and medication, on individuals who have Stage 1 of Parkinson's disease.

Where: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute – Mercy Hospital

Requirements for participation

You must be in Stage I of Parkinson's disease and have been referred to physical therapy for treatment of balance issues, walking difficulties, muscle stiffness or weakness due to the diagnosis.

Study description

Participants will receive training in LSVT BIG over 16 sessions that meet for one (1) hour, four (4) times per week over four (4) weeks. LSVT BIG has been shown to help individuals with Parkinson's Disease with balance, postural stability, gait, stepping, and quality of life.

  • Data will be collected on balance, gait, walking, and quality of life at three time points: before LSVT BIG training, after completion of training, and three months after training is complete.
  • Participants will be asked to maintain a record of the days they exercise during the 4-week program and for 3 months after completion of the program.
  • During a three-month follow-up period, participants will be contacted every other week regarding home exercises and adherence to medication.


Your insurance company will be billed as usual, and you will be responsible for your co-pays. There is no additional cost to participate.