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Rehabilitation services: Brain injury

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Brain injury patient stories

'Sister Kenny and Courage Center taught me how to live my new life'

Cheryl Wilson

In 2000, at age 35, Cheryl Wilson was the mother of two sons and well established on a professional career path as an executive administrator.

At 36, she had a motorcycle accident. Doctors at Mayo Clinic, where her battered body arrived, gave her a 50/50 chance of survival.

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Minnesota cyclist Gary Werning survives freak accident, inspires others

Gary Werning

A Minnesota man picked the worst place to crash his bike but the absolute best time to do it.

Gary Werning was riding in a prestigious cycling race on top of a Colorado mountain, but quickly the race on the course turned into a race to save Werning's life. Werning's story includes working with therapists at Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute to regain his ability to do simple things like read a grocery list.

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