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Rehabilitation services: Back, neck, spine

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Lower back pain support

Courage Kenny Spine Rehabilitation offers physical therapy to treat low back pain, exercises to help strengthen muscles, and information on how lift, bend and move to avoid injury in the future. Call 1-800-827-8313 to learn more.

More locations

Allina Health offers a wide variety of exercise programs and services to help individuals strengthen core muscles, increase physical stamina and live an active, healthy life.

ExerCare Fitness Center

St. Paul, Minnesota

Whether you have a health condition or want to avoid health problems, ExerCare is an ideal place to exercise. We are the only fitness center in the St. Paul area where you can get fit in a medically supervised environment.

LiveWell Fitness Center

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The LiveWell philosophy encourages everyone to seek their highest level of well-being every day. Our goal is to develop an exercise program that enhances your overall health.

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Low back and spine pain information

Home exercises

Print out and try these home exercises for...

Integrative approach to pain

The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing's online education tool teaches people about pain and how to manage it. You will learn about the pain process, integrative health approaches that can help, and some pain management exercises to try at home.

Health library

These pages of our health library can help you become more informed about your condition: