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Pregnancy care

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A mom rests peacefully with her baby at the Birth Center of United Hospital.

United Hospital

The Birth Center at United Hospital is a designated Level III perinatal center with the staff and resources to care for low and high-risk pregnancies and births.

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Getting ready to have a child is a special time, full of hopes and dreams, preparations and decisions. We can help you give your child the best possible beginning.

A special update about water births

As of April 18, 2014, Allina Health only allows water birth (underwater) delivery within its facilities as part of an Allina Health Institutional Review Board-approved clinical research trial. At this time, there are no approved clinical research trials at Allina Health. It is important to note that Allina Health offers immersion in water during the first stage of labor, when clinically appropriate.

This decision about water birth delivery at Allina Health is based on a committee opinion issued on April 3, 2014 by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Academy of Pediatrics which advises that "the practice of immersion in the second stage of labor (underwater delivery) should be considered an experimental procedure that only should be performed within the context of an appropriately designed clinical trial with informed consent."

Allina Health is working on a plan to offer water birth in the future, with practices that are consistent with the current guidance and as safe as possible. In addition, Allina Health will offer assistance to researchers who are interested and qualified to develop approved clinical trial protocols for water birth deliveries.

To learn more read the frequently asked questions below or download the
Adobe Reader required to view worksheetWater Birth Fact Sheet.

Can I have a water birth in an Allina Health facility?
I chose an Allina Health hospital because it supported water birth. It isn't fair that you changed the rules now.
Does this mean I can’t labor in water?
Did something bad happen?
I had a successful water birth in the past. Am I allowed to have a water birth?
Will I be able to labor in the birthing tub?
What sort of safety practices does Allina Health have in place for a water birth?
When will I have to get out of the tub?
Who made this decision?
What has changed? Why have you changed the rules?
Does Allina Health plan to do water births in the future?
When will Allina Health offer water birth again?
How will my partner be able to participate in my birth?
Whitney and Aaron DeGross hold their daughter

New mom finds comfort and care at home in Wisconsin

The River Falls Area Hospital Birth Center features four private birth suites and has staff equipped to handle all kinds of deliveries.

For first-time mom Whitney DeGross the location and individualized attention was just what she was looking for in a place to give birth to her bundle of joy, daughter Blair Harper.