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Quit to Live Well

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Craving to Quit app

All participants will be offered a Craving to Quit app for smart phones and tablets. The app is based on successful smoking cessation programming developed by Yale University.

Quit to Live Well is a new, holistic tobacco cessation program for anyone who wants to quit tobacco, whether you have tried to quit before or if this is your first attempt.

Why this program?

This program will help you break your tobacco addiction through evidence-based approaches to quitting, like drug therapy, counseling, and other methods like acupuncture and aromatherapy.

Quitting is also about addressing social, emotional, and perhaps even spiritual habits. It can be intimidating to think of losing a tool that helps you meet people, manage stress, or even collect your thoughts.

But these things may be accomplished through healthier habits and tools, and that's where the Quit to Live Well program can help.

Our holistic approach

The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing offers a holistic approach to care that focuses on physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.

We will engage you in conversations about all aspects of well-being: work life, home life, exercise, diet, sleep habits, stress and coping skills.

Together, we'll find ways to break down barriers to quitting and identify new, healthy habits as needed to help with weight management, stress management and more.

Program elements

You will have up to five, one-on-one sessions with an advanced practice nurse clinician.

Together, you will figure out which of these approaches should be part of your customized quit plan: