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Penny George Institute for Health and Healing:

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Healthy Communities Partnership

Healthy Communities Partnership wellness van

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A helpful reality check

Kirk Mueller said that his initial visit with his health coach was a type of wake-up call. "It helped me know where I was physically, mentally and emotionally in terms of my health," he said. Read Kirk's story.

The Penny George Institute oversees the Healthy Communities Partnership - a three-year program to screen, assess and improve the health of residents in 13 communities throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. The program's aim is to help prevent deaths and chronic diseases related to poor nutrition, inadequate exercise, smoking and hazardous drinking.

Hospital representatives, primary care doctors and others from community health resources are working together to:

  • create resource guides of all community health and wellness services to ensure that residents have access to a full range of programs
  • develop and test innovative programs to improve community health.

Allina Health is investing $5 million in the project through the George Family Foundation.

Each community's program includes the following core components:

  • the creation of a continuum of wellness support
  • development of a community health index
  • biometric testing of residents
  • health risk assessment of residents
  • the connection of residents to local resources
  • rescreening of residents every twelve months
  • a program ambassador to coordinate program activities
  • a wellness care guide to support and advise participants.

Community partners include: