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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Owatonna

Courage Kenny Kids™ Pediatric Rehabilitation Program

Kenny Kids making lives work through play

The Courage Kenny Kids™ therapists at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute – Owatonna are dedicated to helping children who have medical conditions or syndromes that may interfere with development, as well as helping student-athletes recover from an injury.

Our staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists work as a team to integrate individual therapy goals with the goals of the child, family, school programs and other health care providers.

To begin a therapy program, patients need a referral from a doctor, home health nurse, occupational health nurse or case manager.

To make an appointment or for more information, call 507-977-2150.

Our bright, cheerful pediatric area includes a climbing wall to improve motor skills, stretch and strengthen muscles, as well as to increase developmental capabilities, such as problem solving. We also have a gym, private treatment rooms and a room for parents to watch their child's therapy session on live video.

About Courage Kenny Kids™

Courage Kenny Kids is an established rehabilitation program with other pediatric rehabilitation locations in Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro.

At-home ideas for families

Our Pinterest board is a resource for parents looking for ways to continue working with their children at home. Check it out at

Who we help

We provide personalized treatment for children from birth to age 18. Rehabilitation may help children who have:


Our rehab team works together to provide a comprehensive assessment of each patient. The assessment may include developmental gross and fine motor evaluations, speech and language evaluations, oral/motor and feeding evaluations, the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test, or the use of assistive technology and augmentative communication.

Rehabilitation services

Our staff consists of occupational and physical therapists and speech-language pathologists who have extensive training in pediatric rehabilitation.

Physical therapists focus on increasing flexibility of muscles and joints, balance, motor skills, posture and equipment needs.

Occupational therapists focus on strength and fine motor coordination, sensory processing, including sensitivity training to touch, movement and noise, daily living skills and cognitive skills, including problem solving, organization, attention span, and following directions

Speech-language pathologists focus on improving the ability to produce speech, put words together and understand language. They also evaluate and treat swallowing problems, feeding disorders, voice disorders, stuttering, and articulation including the use of sign language.

Kenny Kids summer 2013 classes

For more about classes, call

About our classes

Classes are carefully planned for each child to learn to take direction and interact with peers in a group setting. Children participating in groups should be able to follow simple directions and participate in a medium-sized group without 1:1 assistance.

Each class lists the functioning age level appropriate for that class. If you are unsure of your child's abilities, or if you have special concerns regarding your child, please call us at 763-236-7337 before registering.

We reserve the right to change your child to another group to best meet the needs of your child.


  • A parent or guardian must be present the first day of each class for orientation.
  • Only the enrolled child is allowed in the classroom. Each class will have a time designated for parent observation and/or instruction in home program activities.
  • To receive the most benefit children should attend each class.
  • Each class builds on skills learned in previous classes.
  • There are no make-up classes. However, any missed class information or materials will be provided.

Class instructors

All of our classes are taught by Courage Kenny Kids therapists. They are licensed occupational, physical and speech-language therapists experienced in pediatric rehabilitation.

Private-pay groups, such as the classes offered by Courage Kenny Kids, are a great health care alternative if insurance coverage limits rehabilitation benefits.

Making lives work through play – Kenny Kids

close up of Baliey Kircher's face with a smile.All children develop at different rates, and some need extra help with physical, cognitive and developmental abilities.

Bailey Kircher is a fun 5-year-old from Owatonna. Until recently, autism made it nearly impossible for her to express herself to her parents and siblings.

"Bailey is very smart and can talk, but she doesn't know how to communicate," says her mom, Caren Kircher. "When she began therapy a year ago, we could barely communicate with her, and it was incredibly difficult for everyone."

Bailey receives therapy twice a week at Kenny Kids™, part of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute – Owatonna. The specialized pediatric staff is dedicated to helping children who have medical conditions or syndromes that may interfere with normal development.

"Bailey's therapy sessions are having a tremendous impact," says Caren Kircher. "She can tell us now what she wants or needs, and that's a huge step. The ability to communicate also means she is less frustrated, and in turn, less aggressive."

"Children with autism often have trouble answering questions," explains Courage Kenny Speech- Language Pathologist Anna Forsman-Johnson. "For example, if you ask 'Do you want milk?' they often respond with 'Milk?' They echo the last thing you say, so we work on how to respond with a 'yes' or 'no.' Bailey is such a quick learner, she meets every goal we set."

Sensory integration

Bailey Kircher also receives occupational therapy, which includes sensory integration.

"It's easy for Bailey to become over stimulated and excitable," says Courage Kenny Occupational Therapist Brandon Simmons. "We work on finding ways to calm her, including deep pressure and rhythmic motions, so she can concentrate and stay on task. Another goal is helping Bailey become comfortable with things that bother her, such as movement and touch."

Bailey's mom and dad say that therapy has made it possible for them to touch Bailey more and that simple things like brushing and washing her hair are easier.

About Kenny Kids

The dedicated pediatric area at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute – Owatonna includes a climbing wall, a gym, private treatment rooms and a room where parents can watch the therapy session on closed-circuit TV. The Kenny Kids staff consists of occupational and physical therapists and speech-language pathologists who have extensive training in pediatric rehabilitation.

"Our goal is to make sure a child doesn't feel like he or she is coming to therapy," says Forsman- Johnson. "Children learn best through play. We set individual goals and find ways to reach those goals with fun activities."

"Bailey is always excited to go 'play' at Kenny Kids, especially rolling around in a tube and being pulled in a scooter by Brandon," says Caren Kircher. "We incorporate what she learns at home, too. If we run into issues, we can easily reach her therapists to find solutions. We work as a team to set goals to help Bailey overcome her challenges."

Source: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Reviewed by: Lora Anderson, PT, physical therapy manager
First Published: 03/22/2011
Last Reviewed: 05/11/2011