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  Rehabilitation services

Industrial occupational health services

A program of:

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Our occupational health and rehabilitation services assist businesses in the treatment and prevention of job-related back pain and upper-extremity over-use injuries.

Services include preplacement screenings, ergonomic assessments, job site analyses and personal fitness assessments. Workers with acute injuries are often seen for physical and/or occupational therapy.

We're here to help with services like these:

  • Functional job analysis is an on-site assessment of the physical demands of job duties. It can include ergonomic recommendations and a written job description.
  • Pre-work pre-placement screens include brief physical performance tests developed to assess job applicants' basic ability to perform specific job duties.
  • Work conditioning is a supervised program of exercise that can help an employee return to work following an illness or injury
  • Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an extensive physical examination performed on two consecutive days to determine specific physical capabilities as part of a return to work program or as part of a job search process following injury or illness.

Answers to common questions

Why does the functional capacity evaluation need to be done on two consecutive days?

The lifting tasks of the functional capacity evaluation are repeated to provide a measure of what a person could do consistently, and to provide a test of validity for the first day's performance.

Do we always need to do the whole functional capacity evaluation?

No. The functional capacity evaluation (FCE) can be tailored to measure those performance areas that are likely to be encountered in a specific job or set of jobs. The whole FCE is useful when trying to determine what overall capacity a person has to be used in searching for a job match.

Source: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Owatonna Hospital
Reviewed by: Linda Hoffman, certified occupational therapist, manager of Owatonna Hospital's Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
First Published: 08/02/2002
Last Reviewed: 09/01/2009