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New Ulm Medical Center

Occupational health and wellness services

New Ulm Medical Center offers a broad scope of occupational and wellness services intended to meet the needs of employers, and their employees. These services can be packaged in any combination that an employer chooses. The objectives of these services include:

Assist employers in meeting the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other regulatory requirements related to the health and safety of the employees.

Assist employees in achieving optimal health, with the following benefits for the employer:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced absenteeism
  • improved staff morale and engagement
  • reduced health care costs

For more information, please call 507-217-5842.

Occupational health services

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Our team of occupational health specialists has years of experience helping employees and employers get to work and stay healthy. We offer pre-employment services, services to keep your employees healthy and services to help injured or ill employees return to work. These services include:

  • screening exams, including preplacement, medical surveillance exams, police and firefighter exams, respirator use exams
  • staff trained and certified in testing procedures to meet all regulatory requirements including DOT drug screen collections, breath alcohol testing, audiometric testing (hearing test) and pulmonary function testing (breathing test)
  • functional job analysis, an on-site assessment of the physical demands of job duties. It can include ergonomic recommendations and a written job description.
  • return to work/fitness for duty exams
  • immediate communication with Report of Workability
  • same-day appointments for acute injuries
  • non-emergency care within 24 hours
  • drug testing and laboratory services
  • injury treatment and management, and physical abilities testing
  • on-site education on various topics related to prevention and management of injuries

Wellness services

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The New Ulm Medical Centers experienced health promotion professionals are ready to help you implement an employee health promotion program at your worksite. Our worksite consultation walks you through all the steps necessary to implement a successful, results-oriented health promotion program.

How we can help

Whether you're just getting started or want to learn how you can enhance your current program, we can:

  • Help you gather the necessary data to guide your programming efforts
  • Conduct annual wellness screenings. For both employees and employers, the screening results present an opportunity to develop a plan for improvement. Screening consists of:
    • a questionnaire completed by the employee
    • lab work and some measurements
    • identifying employees who may be at risk of a serious health condition
    • providing employers aggregate data to evaluate the health status of their employer group
  • Meet with your wellness committee to help create and grow a worksite committee and plan
  • Guide your policy change efforts. (i.e. vending policy, tobacco free worksite)
  • Consult on any of your programming or policy change initiatives

New Ulm Medical Center staff can also provide:

  • Wellness resources: articles, recipes, videos and online resources
  • Lunch-n-learn sessions on a variety of different topics including (If you have suggested topics that interest you, please let us know and we can develop additional classes to suit your needs.):
    • stress
    • sleep
    • life balance
    • portion distortion
    • mediterranean diet
    • get active
    • know your numbers
    • reading food labels
    • ergonomics
    • stretching
  • Incentive program materials
  • Quarterly health newsletter
  • Individual health counseling/coaching

Our team

To schedule an appointment, call 507-217-5011.

Our team will provide consultation to the employee and employer to facilitate this assessment and planning.

An added advantage for employees is the inclusion of the screening data in the electronic health record at New Ulm Medical Center, which allows an employee to access this information at any time through MyChart. For employees who receive their medical care at New Ulm Medical Center, this also reduces unnecessary duplication of lab tests, and allows the medical provider to benefit by having access to the screening results.

For more information on these programs please contact:

Wellness services

Jen Maurer Wellness Specialist 507-217-5226
Kathy Runck Manager 507-217-5582

Occupational Health Services

Chris Lawrenz Occupational medicine nurse 507-217-5454
Deb Beatty Physical Therapist 507-217-5348
Jo Eckstein Workers Compensation Representative 507-217-5260

Department of Transportation providers

The following New Ulm Medical Center providers are licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to perform this service.