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New Ulm Medical Center

The Birth Center at the New Ulm Medical Center is expecting!

Construction on the new Birth Center is expected to begin in fall 2012

The Birth Center at New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC) is expanding and renovating, after years of dealing with a space that is often too small for the number of patients in the department. Not only will this project provide more space for the department, but the upgraded space will ensure a more welcoming, soothing atmosphere for our new moms, babies and family members. An additional feature of this project will be improved security for our babies.

Currently, approximately 25 percent of our OB patients are not able to stay within the Birth Center due to lack of space. In fact, in just the past six month, 55 patients have already been placed outside of the OB unit. That means many of our mothers are housed on the medical/surgical or CCU unit. At the same time, changes in other regional OB programs have meant an increase in OB patients for us at NUMC.

Construction on the new Birth Center is expected to begin in fall 2012. Of the total project cost of $949,860, the NUMC Foundation is seeking to raise $200,000. The remainder of the funds will come from Allina Health, and grants.

"This project presents another great opportunity for our community members to support their friends and neighbors who may, at some point, utilize these services," said Foundation Director Carisa Buegler. "Just like with the Cancer Center Campaign, this is the kind of project that is meaningful for many different people and for many different reasons. We have already received some generous donations toward the new Birth Center project and are so grateful to be part of a community that cares for one another." One of those generous donations is a $50,000 commitment from the NUMC Auxiliary.

The key objectives in the new Birth Center plan are to add two labor and delivery rooms; move the nursery closer to the nurse’s station; and to install an infant security system. With the addition of the new rooms, it will be far less likely that new moms will be roomed outside the Birth Center unit, which means increased efficiency for staff trying to take care of those new moms and their babies.

The location of the Birth Center will essentially stay the same, with the additional space being extended down an adjoining hallway.

To contribute to the Birth Center Expansion and Renovation project, call 507-217-5188, e-mail or