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Winthrop Clinic: A convenient place for families

Care for families and pregnant patients is a lot easier now, thanks to the Winthrop Area Clinic.

With the clinic’s convenient location, obstetric patients can get high-quality care right in town. They don’t have to drive to New Ulm Medical Center for regular check-up appointments. After delivering at New Ulm Medical Center, patients can continue to visit Winthrop Area Clinic for their baby’s care.

Megan Schmidt is a great example of someone helped by the Winthrop Area Clinic’s convenient location. As a pharmacist in Winthrop, she already had a good professional relationship with the clinic. However, she began to visit regularly when she became pregnant. Schmidt’s pre-natal care was handled by family medicine specialist Michelle R. Wilkening, MD.

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Rachel Hoffmann, LPN, weighed and measured Quinn Schmidt on a recent trip to the Winthrop Area Clinic. Quinn’s mom, Megan, was able to have all her pre-natal visits at the clinic in Winthrop, just a few convenient blocks from her job.

Schmidt was able to avoid a 20-minute drive to New Ulm by visiting the Winthrop clinic during her lunch breaks. Sometimes the clinic staff squeezed her in when she needed last-minute appointments. “It’s nice to get care right in Winthrop,” Schmidt said. In fact, the clinic is less than a mile from where she works.

“Being able to walk to the clinic is helpful for many patients,” said Dr. Wilkening.

Schmidt, 26, was able to get almost all of her pre-natal tests right at the Winthrop Area Clinic. The only times she had to go to New Ulm Medical Center were for an ultrasound and the delivery. Dr. Wilkening delivered Schmidt’s daughter Quinn on Feb. 27 at New Ulm Medical Center.

Personalized care

Schmidt also praised the compassion that Dr. Wilkening and the rest of the staff has for pregnant patients. “Dr. Wilkening did a wonderful job,” she said. “I was anxious, but she walked me through everything.” Dr. Wilkening gave Schmidt realistic options to help her manage being on her feet all day at work. “She made it easy for me,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt also had some complications that Dr. Wilkening helped her handle. As her daughter dropped early, there were concerns that the baby would be smaller than normal upon birth. “Dr. Wilkening explained everything well,” she said. Her baby was born healthy.

Dr. Wilkening enjoys continuing to care for the babies she delivers as well as their families. “We establish a relationship that grows even after the baby is home. We form a kind of friendship with our patients,” said Dr. Wilkening. She has worked at the clinic for about three years.

The Winthrop Area Clinic has three physicians who work there regularly as well as two nurse practitioners. It is a satellite health care clinic of New Ulm Medical Center. The clinic has four exam rooms and a procedure room. There are also on-site radiology and lab services. It is open five days a week. An orthopedic surgeon visits the clinic every other Tuesday for consultations. A cardiologist visits once a month. The clinic provides physical therapy three days a week, Dr. Wilkening said.

The clinic staff members also participate in local community events, health fairs, and educational programs.

To find out more about the Winthrop Area Clinic, select this link.