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New Ulm Medical Center

NUMC absorbs Springfield Medical Center OB patients

The obstetrics (OB) program at New Ulm Medical Center will be a little busier this year now that the Springfield Medical Center no longer offers inpatient obstetrics services.

But Springfield families should know they’ll be in good hands, with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals with plenty of experience. NUMC averages about 300 births annually. Springfield had been averaging about 30 to 40 births per year.

“We’re excited to welcome Springfield patients to our hospital and clinic,” said Jennifer Brehmer, manager of the OB/Birth Center at NUMC. “Because we are part of Allina Hospitals & Clinics, we can offer the best of practice care in New Ulm.”

Brehmer noted that NUMC has a dedicated staff for OB, meaning most professionals in the OB unit work exclusively in that department. “Many of our RNs are certified in a specialty area of obstetrical nursing,” she added. “We have two certified lactation consultants and one certified lactation counselor on staff, so we’re able to provide outpatient services to breastfeeding moms.”

Springfield had been sharing OB services with NUMC and Mankato Clinic since last summer, so Springfield families are already getting used to the idea of receiving prenatal and post-natal care with their physicians, while relying on NUMC for labor and delivery services. The hospitals and parent companies are also working together to make sure all patient services, insurance matters and other concerns are addressed, so that families can focus as much as possible on their upcoming arrivals.

Expectant moms will continue to see their own doctors in the Springfield area for checkups throughout their pregnancies and after delivery, but should visit NUMC to make sure they are familiar with the facilities and personnel, as well as to make sure all their records are in place prior to delivery time. Brehmer encourages expectant parents to call, visit and ask as many questions as they need to in order to feel as calm and secure about the arrival of their new babies.

“Once the patient has been seen in our clinic, our OB staff will have all of the necessary information needed to take care of these patients when they come in to deliver,” Brehmer said. “We offer free pre-natal classes that will allow the patients to tour our unit, meet our nurses and anesthesia staff, and learn what they can expect when they come to the hospital.”

For more information about the Birth Center at New Ulm Medical Center, select this link.