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New Ulm Medical Center

Renal Dialysis

For more information, call
507-217-5620 or

Renal Dialysis hours

Monday to Saturday
6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For over 14 years New Ulm Medical Center has housed a Renal Dialysis unit that is operated by Immanual St. Joseph’s Hospital- Mayo Health System, providing hemodialysis to patients whose kidneys have failed to function. For the benefit of our patients, we have formed a unique partnership between two major health organizations to provide services to chronic, stable patients in our outpatient department.

There are six chairs in our department each with its own television provided for our patients’ comfort during their treatment, which can take several hours each visit. The department is capable of caring for up to 24 patients at a time (12 patients per day), with a patient to staff ratio of about 2.5 staff for every 12 patients.

Patients of the renal dialysis department are already patients of a nephrologist, have had education on end stage renal disease, have had an access placed and have dialyzed at least twice somewhere else. Patients from a multi-county area have found the New Ulm location to be very convenient.

A few interesting facts about Renal Dialysis:

  • over 300,000 people undergo dialysis each year in the United States
  • diabetes and hypertension are the number one and two causes of renal failure
  • the average age of the dialysis patient at the New Ulm Medical Center is 63
  • in the late 1970’s there were only three dialysis units in the entire state. Today there are over 70.

Our licensed staff of LPNs and RNs operate the department Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Judy Kastman, RN manager of patient care, can be reached at either 507-217-5620 or 507-217-5621.