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New Ulm Medical Center

New Ulm Medical Center Birth Center: the power of personalized care

When New Ulm resident Sara Schauer, 35, was expecting her first daughter, Marley, she was excited to learn that the New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC) could take care of all her needs with a staff that she had grown to trust over the years. “Knowing all the people at the center really gave me a lot of comfort,” she said. “It was like having somebody hold your hand the whole way through the process.”

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Sara Schauer (left) brought infant Vivian and big sister Marley back to the New Ulm Medical Center Birth Center to visit Mary Johanneck, LPN, in the nursery.

But what she didn’t expect was the high level of care that she was able to receive at a smaller center. “It’s really incredible the attention that I received,” said Schauer. “The nurses handle not only the delivery, but all the classes and lactation consulting. I also felt very good about the safety procedures and protocols followed at the hospital.”

Marley is now three, and Schauer was so pleased with her experience at NUMC that she decided to have her second child there, as well. Daughter Vivian was born there last April.

Big Service with Personalized Care

Schauer’s experience in the NUMC Birth Center is not uncommon. With a staff of 22, they offer an individualized, personalized level of care that you normally don’t find at a big-city hospital. This includes two board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists and four other family medicine physicians who also deliver babies at the center.

At a big-city hospital you might see a team of physicians and not know which one is delivering your baby. This is not the case at the New Ulm Medical Center. “Our patients are seen by the same doctor throughout their pregnancy, and then they deliver their baby with that doctor,” said Jennifer Brehmer, the OB Nurse Manager. “It’s a big benefit we have that is comforting to a lot of women.”

Woman to Woman

Also comforting is the fact that two of the doctors who work in the Birth Center are women. “For women who have never given birth before — or maybe haven’t even been to the hospital before — there’s a certain comfort in seeing a female physician,” said Brehmer.

In addition, the four doctors that are family medicine physicians were often seeing the patients even before they were pregnant. That means they get a continuity of care during their pregnancy that is unprecedented at other hospitals.

Big-City Services

New Ulm Medical Center is part of the Allina Health System. As such, the doctors and Brehmer’s staff of 18 nurses follow very stringent practices and standards when it comes to patient care.

In addition, being part of Allina means they can offer services that you rarely find at smaller medical centers. These include high-risk deliveries, epidurals and specialties in other complications that may arise. Many of the nurses are certified in a specialty area of OB nursing. This allows them to give invaluable assistance to a new mother, such as lactation support and nursery care. “Our nurses have the ability and our support to seek out and obtain these certifications on their own,” said Brehmer. “It goes above and beyond the standard level of nursing care.”

More Information

For more information, visit the Birth Center where you can view a virtual tour of a Birth Center room.