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New Ulm Medical Center

Online services make health care easier

Joel Boehlke, a New Ulm High School teacher, has come a long way since a spinal injury two and half years ago. But he still appreciates anything that makes his life easier.

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MyChart user Joel Boehlke appreciates the convenience of being able to use the password protected website anywhere there is wi-fi – like Lola's Larkspur Restaurant in New Ulm.

To sign up for MyChart, go to or ask about the service when you visit the clinic at New Ulm Medical Center.

Allina's MyChart, with medical messaging and other features, has done just that. He can go online any time of day to make appointments, view parts of his electronic health record, and ask his doctor questions with medical messaging.

Fast answers to questions

Boehlke uses his wheelchair about 80 percent of the time, and as a result of his injury, is prone to infections, inflammation and other health issues that require frequent follow up with his doctor. "It's much easier to contact my doctor through medical messaging,” said Boehlke. "The turnaround time is great – much faster than waiting to get in to see her.”

He also feels that composing a medical message helps him communicate more clearly with his doctor. "I can review it, add information and make sure it's complete. That doesn't always happen on the phone or even in the office," he says.

Managing appointments

He can also view and manage his appointments on MyChart. "I go to physical therapy twice a week. I can view those appointments in MyChart and plan my week around that,” he explains.

Accessing medical information

Having access to parts of his electronic health record on MyChart has helped Boehlke have more productive appointments with specialists. "At one appointment, I couldn't recall the exact name of a medication I take. I went into my MyChart account right in the doctor's office and got the information,” he recalls. "I have also used it to find and share information about earlier health issues.”

Lab work is also posted on MyChart, so he can see the results of his lab tests without waiting for a phone call or going in to the office. His doctor may add comments to the reports, and if he has questions, he can ask them via medical messaging.

Easy to use

"MyChart is easy to learn,” says Boehlke. "Menus help you find what you're looking for. You just click on it.”

MyChart, with medical messaging, prescription renewal, and E-Visits, is available to patients of Allina and affiliated clinics. For more information, visit, or ask about it at your clinic.