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New Ulm Medical Center

Convenience, access, security all appeal to MyChart user

Deb Alsleben doesn’t consider herself to be a “computer person,” but managing her health care with Allina’s MyChart and medical messaging has made her a believer. With her secure MyChart account, she makes her appointments online and emails questions to her doctor from her home, at any time that is convenient for her.

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As a dog-sitter and dog-walker, New Ulm resident Deb Alsleben appreciates being able to make appointments or send a message to her provider anytime that is convenient for her schedule via MyChart.

Scheduling appointments

With MyChart, patients can schedule appointments online.

A busy dog sitter, Alsleben has a complicated schedule and is often away from her phone. “I can go online and make my appointments from home with my schedule right in front of me,” she said. “And I can do it any time of day.” If she’s not sure about an appointment, she can go to her MyChart account any time and see all of her scheduled appointments. Besides that, a reminder notice helps prevent missed appointments.

Asking questions

With MyChart’s medical messaging service, patients can ask questions or provide information via special secure emails. The information is filed in the patient’s electronic health record.

“Asking questions is so much easier online,” says Alsleben. “Before, it would often take multiple phone calls back and forth with the nurse, and it might take several days. It was a hassle for me, and I felt like I was bothering them. Now, I email my question and get an answer back within a few hours.”

Asking questions online sometimes saves her an office visit. “Before, if I had a medication question I would probably see my doctor. Now, we can often handle it via email.”

Working with other doctors

As a MyChart user, Alsleben can access parts of her electronic health record, including lab results. When she had to see a specialist, she went to her MyChart account and printed her latest lab information and took it with her, providing valuable information to the doctor, and perhaps saving her another set of tests.

Taking better care of yourself

Alsleben feels that she takes better care of herself because medical messaging is so convenient. “I check things that I might have just let go before,” she explains.

Security and privacy

Alsleben also likes the privacy of MyChart and medical messaging, which go through secure Allina servers instead of regular email channels. “There’s a password, and nobody else can get in to it,” she says.

MyChart with medical messaging, e-Visits, and prescription renewals is available to patients of Allina and affiliated medical clinics. For more information, visit, or ask about it at your clinic.