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New internist at New Ulm Medical Center fulfills a childhood dream

While Matthew Lieser, MD, was growing up there were two things he had already decided about his future. One, that he would always live in a small town and two, that he was destined to become a doctor. This past August, Lieser fulfilled that childhood promise when he joined the New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC) as a new internal medicine physician.

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Matthew Lieser, MD

Small town, big dreams

The oldest of four children, Lieser, 29, grew up in Cold Spring, Minn., where his parents still reside. Lieser recognized early on that he was drawn to taking care of others. This natural inclination would compel him to pursue a career in medicine.

"I don’t have anybody in my family that is a doctor or nurse, but for some reason since elementary school I just knew this was something I wanted to do," Lieser recalled.

With clear goals in mind, Lieser attended Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minn. In four years he would complete the school's pre-medical program.

During college, Lieser never veered from the path he set for himself as a child. One unforeseen event at Gustavus that would alter the course of Lieser's life however, was meeting his future wife, Andrea. A native of Fairfax, Minn., she too was certain that she was destined for small-town life.

Before they would settle down however, they were off to the Twin Cities where Lieser would pursue his medical training at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

The 'thinker specialty'

At medical school Lieser was presented with seemingly endless opportunities and an array of specialties he could pursue. Once again, Lieser had no trouble making up his mind. His decision to become an internist was already made.

"I was drawn to internal medicine early. I look at it as the 'thinker specialty.' Once you get very specialized you know a lot about one specific type of medicine. I wanted to manage of wide variety of diagnoses," Lieser explained. "I also knew I wanted to have long-term relationships with my patients."

In fact, Lieser sees his patients as partners who have an important role to play in improving and maintaining their health.

"I would like my patients to be involved in their care. They should be informed so they can take ownership of their health," said Lieser. "I can make recommendations, but ultimately patients need to follow through on their treatment. We are communicating and working together to improve their health. It's not a one-way street."

Back to small-town life

Lieser completed his residency at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health. After five years in the Twin Cities, Lieser said he was looking forward to joining the staff at the NUMC, also a part of Allina Health.

"It is a great fit,” he said. “Since I trained at Abbott Northwestern, I know the electronic medical records and the subspecialists in the system. More importantly, I feel the New Ulm Medical Center really works hard to provide top-notch care to patients," said Lieser. "The hospital also seems to take a vested interest in working together with the doctors, nurses and entire medical team."

Lieser also took care of some unfinished business. He and Andrea, his college sweetheart, were married in 2006. About a year ago, they welcomed their first child. They consider New Ulm the ideal place to raise their family.

"We enjoyed the benefits of the big city, but we missed the feel of a small town and being part of a community," noted Lieser. "We've already gotten such a warm welcome in New Ulm. It's so nice to recognize faces and simply have a conversation at the grocery store. I'm just so excited to be here."

To schedule an appointment with Matthew Lieser, MD, board-certified in internal medicine, call 507-217-5011.