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Asthma action plans are a necessary back-to-school supply

If you have questions about your child’s Asthma Action Plan, contact New Ulm Medical Center at 507-217-5000.

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While backpacks, pencils and erasers are vital school supplies for every student in Minnesota, according to the American Lung Association in Minnesota children with asthma need another important school supply -- an asthma action plan. An asthma action plan provides specific information on a child’s asthma symptoms and treatment plan. An asthma action plan should be completed by a health care provider and shared with the school nurse, athletic coach, child care provider and after school programs.

“As more school districts cut school nurse positions and hours due to budget constraints, the need for students to have individual asthma plans has never been greater,” said Erin Simmons, American Lung Association, MN. “There is a lot more to properly managing asthma than just remembering to send inhalers with children going back to school.”

Minnesota law allows children with asthma to carry their inhaler with them at school if the following conditions are met

  • A school nurse has assessed the child’s ability to take their asthma medication safely;
  • The child’s parent gives permission for the child to carry their asthma medication at school.

If a child is carrying their inhaler it is still necessary for the school nurse to have an asthma action plan on file. To obtain a copy of an asthma action plan for your health care provider to complete, visit the American Lung Association in Minnesota’s web site Providers at New Ulm Medical Center also have copies and will provide an Asthma Action Plan.