Allina Health: News from all locations Allina Health news from all locations Allina Health's Phillips Eye Institute Kirby Puckett Eye Mobile will provide free vision screening at the fair <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Summer road tour through the region aims to reach adults and children</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 25 Jul 2014 01:44:14 PM CDT FB4820C3AC8D96C086257D200063FDC6 The Penny George™ Institute for Health and Healing is opening at Abbott Northwestern—WestHealth <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Health and wellness from a mind, body and spirit perspective</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 24 Jul 2014 12:23:09 PM CDT E4059BC0C023539F86257D1F005D8579 Allina Health donation gives boost to Shot for Hope event <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>A day of outdoor sportsman activities to raise money for children with life-threatening illnesses and life-altering disabilities scored a bullseye with a $500 donation from Allina Health.</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 21 Jul 2014 12:03:57 PM CDT DC2D6CBCB41CED1186257D1D005D5BD5 Allina Health donates $2,000 to Restorative Response program <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>A $2,000 contribution from Allina Health will help ensure the St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice group’s fifth annual Walk for Awareness is a success.</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 21 Jul 2014 09:29:57 AM CDT 5308F0F74DEF83B686257D20004F4A20 10 local organizations and groups receive healthy activity grants <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Ten groups and organizations in western Wisconsin are hoping to improve their health and that of their community thanks to $30,000 in Healthy Activity Grants from Allina Health.</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 17 Jul 2014 11:58:35 AM CDT B73566364209A88D86257D1D005BBDB4 Mercy Hospital strengthens cardiovascular program with multi-purpose operating room <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Makes the most complex heart procedures safer and easier to perform</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 16 Jul 2014 04:29:10 PM CDT C85BE34802640FCE86257D170053140A Abbott Northwestern and Mercy hospitals, part of Allina Health, rank #1 and #2 in the Twin Cities says U.S. News & World Report <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Both among the three percent that receive national specialty rankings</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 15 Jul 2014 10:23:40 AM CDT 2006E3789015F55A86257D160072669A