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Mercy Hospital

Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

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A program of:

Mercy Hospital is nationally recognized for excellence in cardiovascular care. Mercy's cardiovascular surgical team consists of highly trained professionals who tailor the experience for each patient and family.

We know that having cardiovascular surgery is a life-changing event, and we strive to blend state of the art technology, caring staff and a focus on customer service toward the best possible experience for our patients and their families. Patients come to us for surgical procedures such as coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, aortic aneurysms and adult congenital heart diseases. Our highly skilled surgeons perform approximately 450 open heart surgery procedures each year.

Our team of surgeons and heart care professionals work closely with cardiologists and primary care physician to make sure our patients receive the best, most coordinated care possible.

Mercy Hospital is one of the top 50 heart-bypass surgery programs in the United States. This is an achievement recognized by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons based on excellence in clinical outcomes. Published in Consumer Reports magazine, this information is derived from a database available to consumers searching for the best-ranked health care services.

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The outstanding comprehensive care our patients experience could not happen without our partnership with these key premiere physician groups.

Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute

Metropolitan Twin Cities Heart and Lung PA

Minneapolis Vascular Physicians

Surgical procedures

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In addition to surgical intervention for heart and lung disease, we offer minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery for patients who are good candidates for those procedures.

  • Coronary artery bypass surgery (view animation*)
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery (CAB)
  • Heart valve surgery
  • Peripheral vascular surgery (carotid, abdominal and legs)
  • Aortic surgery: open (chest and abdomen)
  • Aortic surgery: minimally invasive (endovascular stent)
  • Lung surgery
  • MAZE - minimally invasive surgery for atrial fibrillation

More information about types of heart surgery.

Nationally recognized inpatient care

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The cardiovascular care nursing units located on 3West and 4Heart at the Mercy Heart & Vascular Center provide specialized care for patients who require medical, interventional or surgical cardiovascular care.

Highly educated cardiac nurses care for patients from the immediate post-operative period until discharge. The inpatient care units for heart patients at Mercy are recognized as among the top critical care units in the U.S., according to the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Preparing for surgery

Our cardiovascular surgical team provides the best possible care and experience for our patients and their families. Whenever possible, patients and family meet with a cardiac nurse a few days before surgery to learn what you can expect during surgery and your time in the hospital.

New multi-purpose operating room

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The new room blends the capabilities of a cardiovascular catheterization laboratory where minimally invasive heart procedures are performed with a traditional surgical suite where open heart surgeries are performed. The suite, which is large enough for a dozen clinicians to work seamlessly, also features robotic three-dimensional imaging.

The new operating room will be used for procedures in which both surgical and minimally invasive techniques are used for repair of mitral and aortic valves and aortic and thoracic aortic aneurysms and coronary revascularization procedures.

Surgical procedures

  • Implanting ventricular devices
  • Repairing mitral and aortic valves
  • Surgery for aortic and thoracic aortic aneurysms

The new hybrid suite is scheduled to be completed by late spring 2014. The Society of Thoracic Surgeons awarded a three-star (highest) rating to the Metropolitan Heart & Vascular Institute cardiovascular surgery program at Mercy Hospital, ranking it in the top 12 percent in the country.