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Mercy Hospital

Cardiac catheterization lab and electrophysiology services

For more information,
call 1-866-4HEART2.

A program of:

Cardiovascular catheterization labs

Physicians and staff in the cardiac catheterization labs (cath lab) at the Heart & Vascular Center perform procedures to evaluate and treat patients with heart disease and peripheral vascular disease.

Electrophysiology studies diagnose and treat electrical disturbances and life-threatening heart rhythms.

Specially-trained nurses, cardiovascular and radiology technologists work closely with the heart specialists to provide care and assistance during procedures.

Cardiovascular short stay unit

The cardiovascular short stay unit provides care before and after cath lab and electrophysiology lab procedures. It also provides nursing support for individuals needing an external cardioversion procedure, transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE), echocardiograms requiring contrast injections and Tilt studies.

Medical tests for heart problems

For more information,
call 1-866-4HEART2.

Usually, you will first have the simplest test that might give a clear answer. If the diagnosis remains unknown, more complex testing may be ordered.

Your health care team will share with you information about each test, as well as information about how to prepare before it and what to expect. Feel free to ask questions and talk about any concerns.

Interventional procedures

Interventional cardiac procedures at Mercy Hospital use the latest technology to open blocked coronary arteries. The latest technology is also used to seal or close certain types of holes within the heart.

Implantable devices

The two common implantable devices for heart patients are pacemakers and ICDs (implantable defibrillators).

You will be given a special card that identifies your medical condition. Be sure to carry your pacemaker or ICD identification card at all times.

What to expect

The doctors and staff welcome your questions – before, during and after your time at the Heart & Vascular Center. They will explain and give you direction for each step of a procedure. We want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible while we are caring for you.

Your family members may wait in the cardiovascular waiting room, and the staff will update them on your progress.

After being prepared for your procedure on cardiovascular short stay, you will be moved to a cardiovascular or electrophysiology lab procedure room. The staff will introduce themselves and explain your procedure.

Most procedures last about an hour, but some are longer depending on the type and number of procedures. You will need to lie down on a narrow table during the procedure. The table is narrow to allow the camera to get close enough for the best photos. The staff will help you get comfortable by offering arm rests, pillows and medication if needed.

Warm blankets will also be offered to you since the procedure rooms are kept cool to allow proper functioning of the computers, monitors and photo equipment.

You will be awake during the procedure because you need to tell us if you are comfortable, feel ill or if you need something. The lights will turn down in the room at times so the cardiologist and staff can see the monitors.