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Mercy Hospital

  Breast Care

Breast Care Program at Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital Breast care program

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The breast care program coordinates breast care services for women in our communities.

Our team of health care professionals provides a range of services from routine screening examinations to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Together, our health care team provides services and support to help women make informed decisions about their breast care.

Program services

The Breast care program offers the following:

Diagnostic center

We work with the radiologists, technologists and other experts at the The Breast Center of Suburban Imaging to utilize the latest technology for breast care and diagnosis.

By organizing our comprehensive diagnostic services in one location, we reduce the time spent in the diagnostic process. This, in turn, helps reduce the anxiety and inconvenience women feel while waiting to find out if they need treatment.

  • A nurse coordinator works closely with you and your physician to provide accurate and timely results and information.
  • When questions arise about the findings, for instance, on a mammogram, your physician can order additional diagnostic procedures right at the center.
  • A member of our health care team may provide you with results of your diagnostic examination before you go home.

"We are proud of our comprehensive Breast Care Program. Our hospitals, physicians, and clinics are united in their efforts to provide the complete services required for highest quality breast care."
Alan Johnson, MD, general surgeon, medical director, Breast Care Program, Mercy Hospital