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Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital M-Power Health and Fitness Center

Mercy Hospital M Power Health and Fitness Center

To join the M-Power Health and Fitness Center, or for more information, call


Directions and Map

The Mercy Hospital M-Power Health and Fitness Center is located in the lower level of the Mercy Heart & Vascular Center.

Everyone is welcome to join

The Mercy Hospital M-Power Health and Fitness Center offers members the opportunity to exercise in a supervised, comfortable and safe environment.

In addition to your membership fee, our professionally trained staff are available to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Program description

M-Power Health & Fitness is an exercise and lifestyle modification program staffed by qualified health professionals. Members will work toward a healthier lifestyle in a safe and supportive environment. Heart rhythm and blood pressure will be checked as needed or upon request. The M-Power program includes an annual review with a therapist.

The program consists of:

  • Evaluation: You will receive a one-on-one initial orientation/evaluation session with an exercise specialist. Your specialist will work with you to design a personalized program based on your needs and goals. Staff will communicate with you on a regular basis about your progress and offer suggestions or strategies to help you succeed and keep you motivated.

  • Exercise: Programming will be based on your needs and may include exercises to enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscle conditioning, flexibility, balance, posture, or weight management.

  • How to Enroll: To enroll in the M-Power Health & Fitness program, you may need the approval of your physician. To schedule your first appointment or for more information, call 763-236-8024.
Fitness Class

To join the M-Power Health and Fitness Center, or for more information, call

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  • Exercise studio
  • Walking track
  • Matrix strength training machines and free weights
  • Recumbent equipment (bikes, elliptical trainers and steppers)
  • Arm ergometers
  • Treadmills
  • Rowing machines
  • Emergency equipment
  • Locker rooms, showers and towel service


Monday – Thursday: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Friday: 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

In case of bad weather, a decision will be made by 5:15 a.m. on whether the program will be open. Please call 763-236-8024 to learn whether the program will be open on that day.


To join the M-Power Health and Fitness Center, or for more information, call

Open to community members and Allina Health employees and volunteers.

Initial Evaluation Fees

  • $60 for new members
  • $30 for members recently transferring from outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, Heart Power, or Lung Powerr

Ongoing membership fees

  • $25 per month with an automatic monthly payment from your checking account or credit card or pre-pay 6 or 12 months.

  • $5 monthly discount for each additional family membership

  • Initial evaluation fees are due at the time of your first visit by cash or check. Ongoing membership fees are pre-paid the first of each month. M-Power fees are not covered by insurance; however; some insurance companies offer partial reimbursement of membership fees. Check with your insurance provider to ask about reimbursement for M-Power Health and Fitness.

General Health and Heart Health Classes

Fitness Class

To learn more about,
or register for our Fitness, Yoga or Zumba classes, call

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All the following classes are free to members and offered on an ongoing basis. Call 763-236-8024 for dates and times.

  • Benefits of Exercise
  • Heart Healthy Nutrition
  • Heart and Heart Disease
  • Low Sodium Strategies
  • Medication Overview
  • Risk Factors for Heart Disease
  • Weight Management
  • Weight Training


Everyone is welcome! Open to community members, M-Power members and Allina Health employees.

Mercy Yoga classes are offered in a welcoming and nurturing environment. Overall, yoga focuses on flexibility, balance, strength, posture and overall fitness. Other focus areas include breathing/relaxation techniques and mind-body awareness. Students are encouraged to participate at their own level. Modifications are offered to accommodate individual fitness levels and health concerns.

Two different Yoga classes are offered: “Yoga” and “Gentle Yoga”. Participants must be able to get up and down from the ground to participate. Please bring your own mat.


Everyone is welcome! Open to community members, M-Power members and Allina Health employees.

Founded in 2001, Zumba Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation! Zumba® exercise classes are " fitness-parties " that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.


To schedule an appointment,
or for more information call

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Healing Touch-Energy Therapy

Healing Touch is a holistic energy therapy that supports the body’s natural healing process. Gentle touch assists in balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The goal is to restore wholeness through energy balancing, which allows the body to be in the best functioning capacity for healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Healing Touch complements traditional health care and is used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing. It is used extensively in hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Healing Touch is a certified educational program and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association.


Anyone with a desire to improve health and well-being can benefit this treatment. Many benefits may be experienced, such as:

  • Decreases pain
  • Relaxes the mind and body
  • Calms anxiety, tension and stress
  • Improves restful sleep
  • Enhances recovery from surgery
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Eases acute and chronic conditions
  • Enhances spiritual growth


  • 10-minute seated sessions includes relaxation in a recliner with music and optional aromatherapy; available every Friday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for $10 fee
  • 60-minute full body session available Monday-Fridays by appointment, $60 for initial and $50 for subsequent sessions.