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Allina Health United Lung & Sleep Clinic

Allina Health United Lung & Sleep Clinic
Nasseff Specialty Center
on the United Hospital campus
225 Smith Avenue, Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-726-6200
Fax: 651-726-6201

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Our philosophy: A lung or respiratory disorder can be frightening and even life-changing, so we strive to see the person as well as the disease. A treatment program that fits your needs and lifestyle is our priority.

Clinic hours

Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To make an appointment,
call 651-726-6200.

To order CPAP supplies, email

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Asthma treatment

Our asthma treatment program is two-fold:

  • Patient education: The nurse will provide you with asthma education materials to help you better understand asthma and why you are taking your medication.
  • Personalized asthma management plan for PDF iconadults and PDF iconchildren: Your asthma management plan is a written plan on how to manage your asthma and what to do if it gets worse. The plan is given to you, and a copy is sent to your primary care doctor. This allows everyone involved in your care to know how your asthma is being managed.

If your asthma is well-maintained, you will have a check-up visit in 6 to 12 months. If your plan is not working, we will work with you on a new plan to keep your asthma under control.

COPD treatment

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a condition in which some of your airways are permanently blocked. COPD makes it harder for you to breathe and causes strain on your heart.

If you think you may suffer from COPD, you can come into the clinic for a pulmonary consultation. A certified pulmonologist (doctor who specializes in lung care) will review your medical history and discuss your symptoms with you. Based on your evaluation, the doctor may recommend pulmonary function testing (breathing studies). These will help determine the extent of your breathing problems, follow the progression of disease and plan an effective course of treatment.

Lung nodule evaluation and monitoring

Experts in the Lung Nodule Clinic evaluate and monitor patients who have had small nodules found on their CT scans or chest X-rays. A nurse coordinator guides patient care from the first appointment through ongoing monitoring and treatment. The Lung Nodule Clinic is a collaboration between Allina Health United Lung & Sleep Clinic and Virginia Piper Cancer Institute - United Hospital.

Lung cancer program

A partnership with Virginia Piper Cancer Institute - United Hospital, our approach to lung cancer involves teams of doctors who coordinate services related to the prevention, early detection, treatment and surveillance of lung cancer.

Pulmonary hypertension diagnosis and treatment

Our pulmonologists work with cardiovascular disease specialists to diagnose pulmonary hypertension. Services include:

  • echocardiograms and electrocardiograms
  • right and left heart catheterization
  • cardiac MRI
  • lung imaging
  • pulmonary function tests
  • diagnostic sleep evaluations
  • laboratory blood work

Pulmonary hypertension treatment may include:

  • anticoagulants to prevent blood clots in the lungs
  • calcium channel blockers to relieve pulmonary artery constriction
  • diuretics to reduce fluid accumulation in the body
  • inhaled oxygen to medications to open narrowed blood vessels
  • specialized medications to open up the pulmonary arteries.
a woman glares at her snoring husband who has sleep apnea

Allina Health Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment

If you need a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine to help you sleep well, we'll not only deliver the equipment you need, we'll show you how to use and maintain it.

To order CPAP supplies, email

Sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment

If you are having troubles sleeping and think a sleep disorder (sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome or RLS, narcolepsy) may be the issue, schedule a sleep consultation with any of our providers.

After meeting you, they may determine you need a sleep study. Depending on your insurance and other preferences, you can have your sleep study at the United Hospital Sleep Center.

You will receive the results of your overnight sleep study at a follow-up appointment seven to 10 days later. At your follow-up, you and your provider will develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Occupational respiratory medicine

The evaluation of work-related breathing problems is complicated. We have the skills and knowledge to navigate through the sometimes difficult path such problems present. Commonly encountered problems include work-related asthma and work-exacerbated asthma, chemical exposures occurring in the workplace, and evaluation of patients who have been exposed to asbestos.

Allina Health United Lung & Sleep Clinic is on the leading edge of pulmonary and respiratory medicine. Our physicians are all board-certified in three or more areas of medicine, including internal medicine, pulmonology (lung care), critical care and sleep medicine.

Support groups

Lung Cancer Support Group

St. Paul, Minnesota

Many of those diagnosed with lung cancer are affected by increased anxiety, depression, and withdrawal from activities and other social interactions. This support group can provide you with the social and emotional support you seek.

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Tobacco and smoking cessation

We're here to help you in your efforts to quit smoking. Please call us or schedule an appointment to help bring your plan to life.

ClearWay Minnesota and the American Lung Association have a wealth of information at and, including information about smoking cessation.

arrow points to link to page about tobacco cessation programs More programs to help you stop smoking

Household radon exposure

Lung cancer: Smoking isn't the only risk factor

Did you know that about 10 percent of lung cancer cases are attributed to radon, a colorless, odorless gas that can seep into basements? Read more about radon exposure in our health library.

The only way to know if your home has high radon levels is to test it. The Minnesota Department of Health has made access to test kits easy, with an online ordering system offering kits at a discount at For more information, please call us or visit