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Medical supplies and equipment for rent or sale

remote in hand, a man easily stands up after reclining in a lift chair

A customer tries out a lift chair at our main showroom in St. Paul.

Home safety solutions

One-third of the population over age 65 falls each year. This number dramatically increases to one-half among people over 80. Most of those falls happen inside the home. There are practical measures you can take to minimize fall risks.

To buy home safety aids, call 651-628-4800 or visit a showroom location.

Allina Health Home Oxygen and Medical Equipment (HOME) experts can help you find the right equipment to make aging easier for your or a loved one.

Consider these safety solutions to make your loved one comfortable and independent:

See more of our most popular products in our online catalog.

Allina Home Oxygen and Medical Equipment employee shows a woman how to use the oxygen concentrator that he just delivered to her at her home.

One of our home medical equipment technicians teaches a patient how to use and maintain an oxygen concentrator in the comfort of her home.

Oxygen and respiratory equipment

  • oxygen concentrator systems
  • nebulizers for children and adults
  • apnea monitors to measure how well infants, children or adults breathe
  • humidity system
  • humidity to tracheostomy
  • ventilators

Health library

These health library pages explain how to use some of our products.

CPAP / BiPAP for sleep apnea

We supply CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure) machines.

CPAP / BiPAP use is a common treatment for sleep apnea.

arrow points to link to page with more information about CPAP See CPAP available through our online catalog.

Allina Health Sleep Centers

a woman glares at her snoring husband who has sleep apnea

Allina Health Sleep Centers is a network of services for people who have difficulty staying awake during the day, falling asleep at night and/or staying asleep.

What is a CPAP machine?

CPAP stands for "continuous positive airway pressure." A CPAP machine delivers slightly pressurized air through a mask worn over your nose while sleeping. This keeps the windpipe open and prevents episodes of obstructive sleep apnea.

After using CPAP regularly, many patients enjoy normal sleep patterns, and wake up feeling more alert and energetic.

It can take time to become used to a CPAP device. The first few nights of CPAP therapy are often the most difficult, and some patients may actually sleep less at the start of treatment. However, it is important to use the machine for the entire night.

Modern CPAP machines have many adjustments that can be made to make them more comfortable.

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Nasal CPAP

CPAP stands for "continuous positive airway pressure." CPAP is a sleep apnea treatment that delivers slightly pressurized air during the breathing cycle. Learn more about CPAP in our health encyclopedia...

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Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder in which you stop breathing while asleep.

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when air cannot flow into or out of your nose or mouth. This is the most common type of sleep apnea.

Learn more about sleep apnea from Allina Sleep Centers...

Source: Allina Sleep Centers
Reviewed by: Kristy Rowe, manager, cardiopulmonary services, Buffalo Hospital
First Published: 10/27/2010
Last Reviewed: 10/27/2010

Wheelchairs, scooters and accessories

Grandmother uses a mobility scooter to keep up with her grandchildren while playing in the park

A mobility scooter can help you continue to enjoy independence and activities.

We offer many kinds of mobility equipment:

  • manual wheelchair
  • power wheelchair
  • mobility scooter
  • back and seat cushions.

Wheelchair service and repairs

If you would like to rent or buy a wheelchair or mobility scooter, call 651-628-4800 or

Please call the same phone number if you need your wheelchair or mobility scooter fixed.

  • If you have problems with equipment you're renting from us, call us for troubleshooting assistance or to exchange the equipment.
  • We also offer repair service for equipment that you own. Please call us to schedule the repair.
  • Upon request, we can provide "loaner" equipment while your wheelchair or scooter is being repaired.
  • We may submit a claim to your insurance company if you have coverage for the cost of repairs.

Specialty beds

You can rent or own a variety of hospital beds and beds you can use at home. Each bed can be customized with features like these:

For more about medical equipment to rent or buy call 651-628-4800
or 1-800-737-4473.

  • Powered / non-powered mattresses and overlays
  • Low air loss
  • High density foam
  • Traction

Other medical supplies and equipment

We also offer equipment to help meet nutritional and other medical needs.

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Expressing breast milk

Mothers can use a breast pump to release breast milk should they miss breastfeeding their baby or if their baby takes a bottle. Learn more about expressing and storing breast milk in our health library...

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Newborn jaundice

Newborn jaundice is a condition marked by high levels of bilirubin in the blood. The increased bilirubin cause the infant's skin and whites of the eyes (sclera) to look yellow. Learn more about jaundice in our health encyclopedia...

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that occurs in relation to the seasons, most commonly beginning in winter. Learn more about SAD in our health encyclopedia...