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Hospice care stories

"The realization of the impending loss of my wife was an extremely difficult experience for me and my family…I cannot thank the caregivers at Allina Health enough for the support, comfort and care they extended to me, my family and friends during this emotional time."

George, Husband of hospice patient

These perspectives from families, employees, patients and volunteers show how Allina Health Hospice makes a difference in end-of-life care.


Allina Health Hospice: A Family Matter

Norman and his loved ones describe the compassion and care Allina Health Hospice provides during the transition to hospice care in his home.

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How hospice helped my mother, my family and me

This is the last photo taken of Deb O'Halloran's mother. It was taken at her favorite restaurant. She would not have been able to be there without the support and care of Allina Health Hospice, according to her daughter.

During a 10-minute presentation to Allina Health Hospice staff, Deb O'Halloran shares how Allina Health Hospice was there for her mother and the entire family during her mother's illness.

Allina Health Hospice in the news

Bringing peace and honor to veterans

Richard Willis, veteran, hospice patient

Like many men and women of his generation, Richard Willis joined the military after Dec. 7, 1941 - that day of infamy when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and America went to war. Now age 92, Willis knows his battle with congestive heart failure is one he cannot win. Willis is one of more than 300 veterans enrolled in Allina Health Hospice, which participates in We Honor Vets, a nationwide initiative that offers services addressing the unique physical and emotional end-of-life needs of ex-military men and women. Willis shared his story with Boyd Huppert on Land of 10,000 Stories, in December 2013.

Hospice music therapists hit the right note

Allina Health Hospice uses music therapist to work with hospice patients and their families, using musical instruments, songs and conversation to encourage reminiscence. Two Allina Health Hospice music therapists explain how this relatively new offshoot of music therapy can help hospice patients with their symptoms, pain anxiety and even depression.

Harmon Killebrew focuses attention on hospice care

Killebrew played for the Minnesota Twins in 1962

When 74-year-old Hall of Fame slugger Harmon Killebrew entered hospice care, many baseball fans had questions about end-of-life care. Allina Health Hospice Care leaders answered their questions.

In-depth on hospice

Hospice use in the United States is growing, yet myths and misunderstanding remain. What should families know to really understand hospice care? Allina Health Hospice director Gloria Cade joined the discussion on Minnesota Public Radio's Daily Circuit.

Perspectives from volunteers and staff

Hospice volunteer and veteran, Jack McHugh, talks about the rewards of volunteering

Jack McHugh is a veteran and about half of the patients he's come to know have been veterans. In a recent speech he gave to accept an award for his volunteer services, McHugh shared about one veteran in particular, and about how hospice and veteran’s services working together can do more than provide palliative care. Sometimes they can change a life.

The Human Touch

Allina Health Hospice massage therapists Theresa, Anne, Gail and Sarah bring relief to patients near the end of their lives. They share what inspires each of them about the work they do.

The Dying of the Light

As a physician at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Dr. Craig Bowron helps care for patients struggling through the winter of their lives. As a hospitalist, he sees adult patients of all ages and complexities, most of whom make good recoveries and return to life as they knew it. But taking care of the thread-worn elderly, those facing an eternal winter with no green in sight, is definitely the most difficult thing he does.

Love of baseball bonds hospice patient and volunteer

As a hospice volunteer, Julie shared her love of sports with Elnora. In the process, they developed a special bond.

Sharing life's journey through hospice

To Joyce, life is a journey – one that should be shared with others. She feels privileged to spend time with those who are nearing the end of their journey.

Music therapy addresses patients and families' needs

Anna E. Lee, board-certified music therapist, shares why a music therapy session that will remain with her always.