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Lab services

Allina Health Laboratory

Allina Health Laboratory

For health care facilities

Allina Health Laboratory provides personal, quality laboratory services to hospitals, clinics and home care facilities.

Allina Health Laboratory is an integrated, multi-site laboratory that performs more than 6 million tests per year. 

We partner with Hospital Pathology Associates, PA the largest independent pathology group in Minnesota.  We use Mayo Medical Laboratories as our reference lab to provide the testing not done in our laboratories.

Our combined staff of over 600 laboratory professionals and over 30 board certified pathologists from Hospital Pathology Associates, offer both routine and specialized services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the four metro hospitals of Allina Health and over 400 reference lab customers. 

With over 30 years of reference lab experience, we work with hospitals, clinics, specialty practices, surgeons and home health care agencies. 

We are certified or accredited by:

Allina Health Laboratory


Allina Health Laboratory has seven Twin Cities locations for collection or drop off of samples (specimen).

No appointments are needed. Walk-ins are welcome.

A written order from your Minnesota licensed provider will be necessary to perform your lab work; we are unable to accept orders from providers located outside of Minnesota. Please be prepared with the Allina Health Laboratory order request form from your provider/clinic and a copy of your insurance card.

Copies of the results of your laboratory work will be sent to your provider.  Please contact your provider with any questions about your results.

Coon Rapids
St. Paul

Patients may also have lab specimens collected at Allina Health regional hospital locations.

Note: Allina Health facilities may electronically send a request form for their patients to the lab, and a physical request form is not needed.

Patient information

Allina Health Laboratory

Follow the instructions from your health care provider for any preparation instructions (such as fasting) or for collection at home.

Collection instructions

Samples may be collected by Allina Health Laboratory staff, or delivered to the any of the locations.

Andrology (male infertility) program

The andrology (male infertility) program of Allina Health Laboratory includes the diagnosis of male infertility, suggestions to improve fertility, research and education for patients and their health care providers. More information about the andrology program.

Blood draws

Will the blood draw hurt?

Patients will often feel a quick ‘pinch’ when the needle is inserted, but there is no pain with the blood being drawn into the tube.

How much blood will you need?

Our largest collection tube sample is only 2 tsps.

Will I have a bruise after the procedure?

The phlebotomist will apply pressure to the puncture site once the needle is removed to help prevent any bruising, and a bandage will be applied to the puncture site.

Cesarean birth patients

Fasting for a blood specimen collection

An overnight fast is required for a number of laboratory tests.  If your provider has instructed you to fast prior to the collection of your blood specimen, please follow these instructions to ensure optimal results.

  • Do not eat or drink anything except normal amounts of plain water for 8-10 hours before the blood draw (8 hours for glucose testing). 
  • You may drink normal amounts of water, but no coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, or juice.  In addition, you should avoid alcoholic beverages for 48 hours if lipid testing is ordered.
  • Do not smoke, chew gum, or exercise the morning of the test.
  • Take your medications, unless your provider has instructed you otherwise.
  • Fasting for a Blood Test - Patient Card

Fine needle aspiration

Allina Health Laboratory

For health care facilities

Allina Health Laboratory provides personal, quality laboratory services to hospitals, clinics and home care facilities.

Contact us

Allina Health Laboratory
2800 10th Ave S
Suite 2000
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Phone: 612-863-4678
Outstate: 1-800-281-4379
Fax: 612-863-4067

Billing phone: 612-863-0400
Billing fax: 612-863-0460
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