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J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice

A place to reflect. To share. To remember. To live.

J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice
9350 Noble Parkway North
Brooklyn Park, MN  55443

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The J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice is enhancing the way Allina Health Hospice provides end-of-life care in this region. By providing around-the-clock hospice care, we honor the wishes of patients who want to live the remainder of their days in a home-like setting. We also offer their loved ones the ability to step back from being the caregiver and focus on what really matters - being a family.

Staff and families share how J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice helps them honor the wishes of patients who want to live the remainder of their days in a home-like setting.

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The J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice is for people who have a life-limiting illness and need professional around-the-clock care.
To learn more, call 651-635-9173
or 1-800-261-0879.

All the comforts of home when they matter most

"The Wedum House was absolutely awesome and the staff was phenomenal. We placed mom there for her final days, sight was way more than our expectations."

Daughter, Wedum Hospice patient

The J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice is designed for patients with a life-limiting illness who need professional around-the-clock care. For more information, call
651-635-9173 or

Volunteers needed

Volunteers are needed to give of their time and talents at the Wedum Hospice. Flexible schedules available. Learn more.

Who pays for your care?

The J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice is a Medicare certified facility. Hospice care is covered by most insurers, including Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers. Room and board expenses are separate from the hospice care billed to insurance. Generally, room and board expenses are paid by patients or their families.
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The J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice is an alternative to hospice care provided in your home or in a traditional hospital setting. The residential hospice will remind you of a comfortable home in a peaceful neighborhood. There's a landscaped welcoming area that provides safe access around the clock. And we offer a wide range of amenities to make you feel at home:

  • 12 private rooms with attached patios
  • Sleeping accommodations for family
  • Whirlpool spa
  • Reflection room
  • Two sitting areas
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Children's play room
  • Public and private dining areas
  • Kitchen area
  • Family gathering room
  • Music room

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Care by expert hospice professionals

Your care team will work closely with your doctor to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Along with support provided by nurses, home health aides and social workers, your care could include:

Massage therapy

Certified massage therapists can help manage pain, reduce stress, and improve circulation or mobility. Sessions are adapted to meet your comfort level.

Music therapy

Certified music therapists use a variety of music to provide physical, emotional and social comfort.

Pet therapy

Therapy pets can help improve emotional and physical conditions, loneliness, depression and loss of mobility. Certified therapists can provide sessions with therapy pets to meet your needs.

Spiritual care

Our chaplains provide compassionate support that is inclusive of your personal and spiritual beliefs. Chaplains work with patients and their loved ones from all faith affiliations, religions and cultural backgrounds.

Grief counseling

We offer families many grief counseling options throughout the year after the death of a loved one.


Caring volunteers from the community are available to you as helping hands, companions and sympathetic listeners.

Changing the way hospice care is delivered

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Give now.

For more about the J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice, please call the Allina Health Hospice Foundation at 651-241-5460.

In 2003, a Minnesota businessman named John Wedum, who had cancer and was facing the end of his life, received in-home hospice care from Allina Health Hospice. In his honor, the J.A. Wedum Foundation issued a challenge grant to Allina Health Hospice to build a 12-bed residential hospice.

In April 2011, the J.A. Wedum Foundation and Allina Health began construction on the residential hospice. The J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice opened its doors to the community and began accepting patients in February 2012.

More about the vision behind the J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice

Allina Health Hospice Foundation

For information on our programs or to make a gift, contact the Allina Health Hospice Foundation or call 651-241-5460.

Hospice Foundation newsletter

Allina Health Hospice Foundation helps Allina Health Hospice meet the needs of over 4,000 patients annually and their family members, including those at J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice.

Wedum Compassion Fund

The Wedum Compassion Fund helps patients who need a residential hospice, but cannot afford the room and board expenses; these expenses are generally not covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. For more information, please call 651-241-5419.


Volunteers are needed to give of their time and talents at the Wedum Hospice. Flexible schedules are available.

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