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Camp and sports physicals for children

Many summer camps and sport programs for children require a physical exam before participating in actitivities, also known as a pre-participation physical examination.

Sports and camp physicals are completed by a family medicine provider or pediatrician to determine whether a child:

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  • can participate in an activity without limitation
  • can participate but should have certain restrictions due to an existing health condition
  • should not participate.

A camp or sports physical is not the same as a regular checkup, phyical, or well-child exam. During the sports or camp physical the health care provider looks for any diseases or injuries that could make it unsafe to participate.

What to expect during the physical exam

A sports or camp physical is a good time to review all areas of your child's health. The physical exam will evaluate the following:

  • A thorough history to look for any medical issue with life threatening risks associated with participation.
  • Identify any medical conditions that might need a treatment plan before or during participation, such as with asthma.
  • Assess and review prior injuries for adequate healing and function, or the need for further rehabilitation.
  • Review the risk for future injury and safety equipment, such as helmet or mouth guard, for participation in activities.
  • Discuss the risk of concussion, prevention and the availability of baseline concussion screening, such as ImPACT testing.
  • Review child's immunizations (shots) and provide recommendations for any needed immunizations.

Please come to the appointment prepared with your child's activity form. It can be helpful to bring a list of prior injuries or treatments, as well as review any family history of cardiac disease. As will any visit, please raise concerns or questions you might have about mental health or safety.

Schedule now for best availability

Schedule a camp or sports physical with your child's primary care provider by calling your Allina Health clinic or online with MyChart.

If you have not established a relationship with a primary care provider, now is a great time to start.

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Source: Pediatrician, Elizabeth Dietz, MD, Allina Health Bandana Square Clinic
Reviewed by: Elizabeth Dietz, MD
First Published: 05/01/2014
Last Reviewed: 05/01/2014
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