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Healthy menu ideas

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet

Recent studies have found the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Find tips for incorporating this diet into your daily life in the LiveWell blog.

Brown bag lunch ideas for kids and adults

Taking lunch to work or school gives you control over fat and calories. And it's usually less expensive.

Understanding cooking fats and oils

With so many cooking fats and oils on the market, choosing the healthiest ones can be difficult.

Nutrition news

Tips on eating well to sleep well

To prepare your body for a good night's sleep, what you eat throughout the day can have a positive impact on overall energy, mood and the ability to achieve a restorative sleep. Learn helpful tips on eating well to sleep well.

More nutrition news

Recipe of the week

Rolled stuffed sole with swiss cheese sauce

This dish contains unsaturated (“good” fats) to protect your heart and support your overall health. Healthful fats also help to keep you feeling full and satisfied, preventing mindless munching (extra fat and calories) after dinner.

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