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Calculate calorie burn rates

Find out how many calories you would use while doing different activities.

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Type of activity:
Duration in minutes:

Calories burned:

Getting started

The amount of physical activity or exercise you need depends on your fitness goals, whether you are trying to lose weight, and how fit you are right now.

Exercise tips

What kind of exercise should you do? How should you structure your workout?

Healthful habits for the whole family

Health Powered Kids

Use these at-home lessons to help your family make healthful choices about physical activity.

How to run safely

For the safest running, your choice of clothing and shoes, the proper warm-up and cool-down, and your personal and medical safety are all important.

Physical activity

Everyone can benefit from activity that causes your body to work harder than normal.

Vascular walking program

Exercise is the best treatment for leg pain caused by poor blood circulation.

Courage Kenny Physical Therapy

Stay active to prevent injuries

It's common knowledge that exercise is good for you. But did you know it can also help prevent injuries by keeping your body in shape?

Kinds of activities