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Check for ticks

(HealthDay News) -- Ticks can spread Lyme disease and other germs that can make you sick, so it's important to take measures to help prevent tick bites.

Try this advice:

  • Within two hours of coming inside, take a bath or shower.
  • Use a hand mirror to thoroughly check yourself from head to toe.
  • Carefully check children for ticks, looking in the ears, hair, underarms, in the belly button, between the legs, behind the knees and around the waist.
  • Check any clothing and gear, as well as pets.
  • Put clothing in the dryer on the hot setting for an hour to kill ticks that may have lingered.

Attribution: -- Diana Kohnle


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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First published: 07/08/2013
Last updated: 07/08/2013