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If you aren't hungry, don't eat

(HealthDay News) -- People often eat, not out of hunger, but because they're bored and seem to have nothing better to do.

Follow these suggestions to avoid eating for reasons other than hunger:

  • Make sure you eat three meals per day. You may wind up eating more at mealtime if you skipped an earlier meal.
  • If you binge eat a specific food (such as ice cream, candy or chips) don't keep that food at home.
  • Create a list of things to do in lieu of eating.
  • Exercise for 15 minutes instead of eating, or call a friend to chat.
  • Instead of eating, clean the home or work in your garden.

Attribution: -- Diana Kohnle


The American Heart Association

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First published: 06/04/2014
Last updated: 06/04/2014